10 Best High Schools in Canada for International Students

10 Best High Schools in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the most popular and top countries you can send your child to without having to over worry yourself about his or her safety. As the place is already one of the safe countries abroad. Although studying in another’s man land can be so frustrating when you don’t have anyone to guide you through, and if the case is not taken, you can get scammed but if you are looking for the best high schools in Canada that is good for international students, then you are in the right place because Impactlifetech has got you covered.

In this article, I will write at least 10 best high schools in Canada which will be conducive to you as an international student.

Is there a Free High School in Canada?

 There is nothing like completely free high school in Canada both for foreign and Indigenes of the country. But still, there are other options in which you can still use and study in Canada without breaking the bank and one of them is applying to study through scholarship and of course you can take a look at Top Secrets to Winning Scholarships to Study in Canada.

Yeah, studying in Canada through scholarship is very possible for both Canadian students and international students. All you need to do is try and ensure you have what they want from you.

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But if the scholarship can’t work out, there are still cheap and best high schools in Canada that you can look into, and some of them from the best are listed below this article.

1. London International Academy (LIA)

LIA is one of the best day and boarding high schools in Canada which is fully authorized by the Ontario education commission.

It is the best high school where your ward can be trained and prepared for university. 

As an international student in LIA, you are likely to pay $39,200 per year all in Canadian Dollars CAD

then the normal tuition fee is paid based on the semester-length, which means that if you are going for 8 months academy year, you are likely to pay $21, 600 CAD, and 10 months academy year which includes Summer or Spring semester goes for $27,000 still in CAD.

The secret when it comes to making payment of tuition fees in LIA is that the earlier you pay for the academy year, you stand a chance to get a discount on your payment.

Address and Contact details:

365 Richmond St #361, London, ON N6A 3C2, Canada

Phone: +1 519-433-3388

website: www.lia.edu.ca

2. Rundle College Jr/Sr High School

Rundle College has over 504 students already enrolling in the school. The school does not only teach students only on the education aspect, but they also help their students to discover their talents while studying in the school through some social activities.

The tuition fee varies from $13,000 to – 19, 200 CAD based on your ward’s grade.

Address and Contact details:

7379, 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, Alberta, T3H 3W5, Canada

phone: + 1 403-291-3866

website: www.rundle.ab.ca

3. York House School, Vancouver

There are about 10, 000 international students already enrolling in York house school as you are reading this. York House has made it so easy for female international students in a way that once you reach Canada for your program in the school, you don’t start looking for where to start from nor stay.

So to avoid their international student being frustrated when they arrive, they decided to make York House a home for all international students by making sure that there are accommodations around the school where students can live while enrolling in the school. You can check it too.

Net tuition fee varies based on the grade and is from $23,500 – 24, 500 CAD per year although this does not include the non refunded fee you will pay as a new entrance student into the school.

Address and Contact details:

4176 Alexandra St, Vancouver, BC V6J 2V6, Canada

phone: +1 604-736-6551

website: www.yorkhouse.ca

4. Columbia International College 

CIC is the leading private school in the country, so if you are looking for where your ward will be completely cared for, then try CIC as they are known for their generosity, love, and care for their students. 

when it comes to tuition fees, Grade 7 and 8 Jr. pay around CAD 27,000 and from Grade 9-12 Sr. $16, 200 CAD. you can visit the school site for more details.

Address and Contact details:

1003 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4P3, Ontario Canada

+1 905-572-7883

Website: www.cic-totalcare.com

5. Ridley College

Ridley College is a highly reputable preparatory school for university in Canada. It is one of the best schools where your ward will not only be academically sound but also self-disciplined. 

The school over 667 students that include International students as well. They are the leading boarding independence school in the country.

As an international student, you are entitled to pay a tuition fee of 72,250 CAD

Address and Contact details

2 Ridley Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C3, Canada

+1 905-684-1889 

Website: www.ridleycollege.com

6. Brookes Westshore Private Boarding School

To get into BW as an international student, you have to make sure that you prepare around CAD 49550  for the tuition fee. Payment is carried out per year.

Students from Brookes Westshore are accepted in all universities.

Address and Contact details

1939 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1W2, Canada

Phone: +1 250-929-0506

Website: https://westshore.brookes.org

7. Brentwood College

This is also one of the best independent schools in Canada that accepts students from grades 9 to 12.

As a day student at Brentwood college, you are entitled to pay CAD 31,500 as a fee. Note: at Brentwood, you pay your fee based on the category of the country you belong to. 

which means that if you are an international student from the U.S you are going to pay $72,000 as a boarding student.

But as any other international student, try arranging from CAD 78000.

Address and Contact details 

2735 Mt Baker Rd, Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P1, Canada

Phone: +1 250 743 5521

Website: www.brentwood.bc.ca

8. Bodwell high school

Bodwell is located in the Northern part of Columbia Canada, It is also one of the best high schools in Canada that is a day and boarding preparatory school that prepares their students to be the future of tomorrow. 

As an international student, this should be your average budget before applying for the school CAD 50050 

Address and Contact details:

955 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S4, Canada

phone: +1 604-998-1000

Website: www.bodwell.edu

9. Fulford Academy

Tuition for international students varies from CAD 54800. The school features both online teaching and offline teaching

Address and Contact:

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280 King St E, Brockville, ON K6V 1E2, Canada

Phone: +1-613-341-9330

website: https://fulfordacademy.com

10. McDonald International Academy (MIA)

One of the most popular high schools in Canada is MIA, the school has a high profile both within and outside the country. It is an accredited high school in Canada

International students pays from $ 20,800 – $ 30,400 CAD 

Address and Contact details:

920 Yonge St 2nd fl, Toronto, ON M4W 3C7, Canada

Phone: +1 416-322-1502

Website: https://mcdonaldacademy.com


Although there are other high schools in Canada these are the top 10 rankings high schools in the country.

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