10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Fitness and Personal Training

Best Online Bachelor’s in Fitness and Personal Training

With the increase in the prevalence of cases of obesity the need for specially trained professionals in the field of fitness and personal training, this online bachelor’s program will go a long way in training healthcare professionals who can skillfully  plan and manage patients using different physiological, psychological and sports therapy to handle patients. 

  1. Granite State College

LOCATION: Concord, New Hampshire

Website: https://www.granite.edu/degree-programs/bachelors-degrees/health-and-wellness/ 

 This university was established in 1972 with a population of about 1,736, Through her online bachelor’s in health and wellness aims at helping her students to take up courses in emerging US health issues, behaviors.  This program prepares them to take up careers in public health educators, corporate wellness coordinators, community health workers, health service managers, or even health coaches etc. 

  1. Concordia University-Saint Paul

LOCATION: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Website: https://www.csp.edu/academics/exercise-science-major-bs/ 

This is a private Lutheran university established in 1893, it has prepared her graduate for a meaningful career in her different programs especially an online bachelor’s degree in exercise science prepares her graduates for a career in physical therapy, chiropractic health, athletic/sports training or management, or biomechanics.  This program requires an internship on completion.

  1. California Baptist University

LOCATION: Riverside, California

Website: https://www.cbuonline.edu/degrees/bachelor-of-science-in-kinesiology 

 This private Baptist university through her 123 on-campus academic programs and 41 online program, prepares her graduates to fulfil their purpose.  Through her online bachelor’s in kinesiology prepares her students to take up a career in athletic training, fitness, coaching, teaching, and other health and fitness-related fields.  Through her faculty it makes her students have a real experience of their profession, by hands on experience and classes. 

  1. Eastern Oregon University

LOCATION: La Grande, Oregon

Website: https://online.eou.edu/ 

This university is renowned for providing her students with a flexible and top notch career program, her online bachelor’s in health and human performance prepares her students with a knowledge of physiological and psychological processes involved in the human body, it prepares them to take up courses in physical education and sports, community health, or exercise science. 

  1. Tulane University

LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana

Website: https://sopa.tulane.edu/degrees-programs/bachelors-degrees/bachelor-science-exercise-science 

This private research university was founded in 1834, it offers about 70 majors in about 5 schools, her Bachelor of Science in exercise science with on-campus/online combinations. It also prepares you for a career as an occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, athletic trainer etc.  you’re required to complete an internship or a full time research work.

  1. California University of Pennsylvania

LOCATION: California, Pennsylvania

Website: https://www.calu.edu/academics/undergraduate/bachelors/exercise-science/index.aspx 

This program has about 100 undergraduates and over 50 graduate programs, through her online Bachelor of Science in exercise science it prepares her graduate with knowledge and skills needed to qualify as a coach or a personal trainer.

  1. University of Wisconsin

LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin

Website: https://hwm.wisconsin.edu/health-wellness-program/ 

This university system serves about 170,000 students and offers more than 150 degrees and certificates online, through her online health and wellness management bachelor’s degree it prepares her graduate with knowledge and skills needed to implement health and wellness program.

  1. University of Louisiana-Lafayette

LOCATION: Lafayette, Louisiana

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Website: http://onlinedegrees.louisiana.edu/programs 

This university is a leading university in academic and research nationally, and the second largest university in Louisiana, with a student’s population of about 19000, her online BS in kinesiology has a concentration in health promotion and wellness, prepares her graduate to take up careers that will help others live better her graduate works as epidemiologist and community health worker’s. 

  1. American Military University

LOCATION: Charles Town, West Virginia

Website: https://www.amu.apus.edu/academic/schools/health-sciences/bachelors/sports-and-health-sciences.html 

This university offers a cheap tuition fee and popular for her online program, through her Bachelor of Science in sports and health sciences it prepares her graduate with knowledge and skills needed to human behavior and movement, fitness and nutrition.  It has about four concentration of specialization which are coaching studies, exercise science, fitness and wellness professional studies etc. 

  1. University of Kansas

LOCATION: Lawrence, Kansas

Website: https://edwardscampus.ku.edu/overview-bachelors-exercise-science 

This university was founded in 1866, currently it has about 200 undergraduate programs and 50 graduate programs, and her student’s population is around 28500, through her Bachelor of Applied Science in exercise science it prepares her students with a career in fitness and therapeutic sports related fields.

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