15 Places To Get English Test And Answers PDF

15 Places To Get English Test And Answers PDF

15 Places To Get English Test And Answers PDF

If you are making future plans to work or study in an English-speaking country, then taking an English language proficiency test can offer you a means of determining your understanding of this particular language. Surely, you may be required to take an English language test to get a visa or enter the university, while some employers may need you to take this test to ascertain your English language ability and your understanding of English grammar. You should be aware that taking practice tests can give you a knowledgeable idea about what you will face when you write the real proficiency test, and it can also boost your confidence before the real test. Moreover, taking an English language proficiency test can also provide you with a good number of benefits, and not just to determine your ability in the English language.

In this article, we will be listing out places or websites where you can get English tests with answers in pdf format for free download to use for your personal English language training at your own comfort, and at your own pace. But first, we will talk about the official English proficiency tests.

The Official English Proficiency Tests

  1. IELTS: English Language Testing System, IELTS is one of the most widely used and well regarded English exams and it is compulsory when migrating to most English-speaking countries. Whether for work or leisure, the IELTS is a top essential certification to prove your level of understanding of the English language. This test is for those with the intention of working or studying in an English-speaking country and it is mandatory for people migrating to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
  2. TOEFL: This stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language and it is almost the same as IELTS. However, this involves the applicant interacting with a computer during the test, unlike other tests. A score of 90 or above that is considered a good score, but different locations or places may have different requirements for university applications, visas, etc.
  3. Cambridge: This test is usually accepted throughout the U.K. It gives results from A1 to C2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  4. TOEIC: If you are looking to stand out against the competition, the program can help you achieve your goal.TOEIC has set the standard for evaluating everyday English skills needed for a workplace environment.
  5. OPI and OPIc: Oral Proficiency Interview primarily assesses your speaking ability. The OPIc is the same exam but administrated by a computer. You’re usually rated from “novice” to “superior.”

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Where Can You Get English Tests?

We will be checking out some of the best websites where you can learn and better your English proficiency abilities.

  1. IELTS Buddy
  2. IELTS Liz
  3. IELTS Mentor
  4. GlobalExam
  5. Canadian College of English Language
  6. Stafford House International
  7. FluentU
  8. IELTS Simon
  9. IELTS Advantage
  10. Road to IELTS
  11. BridgeEnglish
  12. TrackTest
  13. ESL Language Studies Abroad
  14. IELTS Tutorials
  15. ielts-exam.net
  • IELTS Buddy: The IELTS buddy provides a lot of sample exercises, which are downloadable, with excellent free training videos to help you with the IELTS Test. There are videos on writing, reading, listening, and speaking. 

      – READING: The reading takes you through some real tests to show you how to answer some of the most difficult questions. 

      – LISTENING: There are some real tests with answers so you can practice, plus top tips. 

      – WRITING: Writing covers commenting on a graph and writing an essay, with videos giving you overviews of each section and other tips for graphs and essays. 

      – SPEAKING: There are tips on how to do well in the speaking test.

  • IELTS Liz: This website was created by an experienced teacher named Liz. The Free IELTS preparation video lessons on the site contain IELTS tips, techniques, and practice for your IELTS test. Here you will learn about IELTS writing, IELTS speaking, listening, and reading with IELTS tips, practice lessons, model answers, and topics. Visit ieltsliz.com to learn how to use the free website for your IELTS preparation.
  • IELTS Mentor: This website is dedicated to those who want to take the IELTS examination and expecting a high score. This website provides you with comprehensive IELTS materials you need to study to achieve a high band score. The website offers sample questions with model answers for both academic versions of the IELTS and general training. The materials and answers here are put together by highly experienced IELTS teachers.
  • GlobalExam: This is an online platform that provides IELTS tips and sample exercises. It also gives an immediate correction with a detailed explanation. You can take a full mock test, in real exam conditions, and get a correction at the end of every test. GlobalExam has a series of features that include your results being saved automatically, so you can keep up with your progress. You can also create a “training schedule” to help you organize your time to better prepare you for IELTS by giving you a well-detailed program to follow.
  • Canadian College of English Language: This is also an online platform that offers a written quiz together with a combined multiple choice test questions. Your results and corresponding English level will be sent to you via email when you take the test, which has to be completed within an hour.
  • Stafford House International: This platform offers over 25 different English tests with answers. This platform will test your fluency in English. Check out this platform to know more about English words and their synonyms.
  • FluentU: FluentU uses real-time videos including music videos, inspiring speeches, movie trailers, etc. to assess a user’s knowledge of the English language. The videos are designed in a form of a personalized English lesson that will require you to prove your understanding of the vocabulary.

This video consists of six levels.

  1. Beginner 1
  2. Beginner 2
  3. Intermediate,
  4. Upper Intermediate
  5. Advanced 1
  6. Advanced 2

You will have to choose and watch any of the videos. After which, you will write a short test and your proficiency level in English will be evaluated using your provided answers. New videos will be suggested for you to watch as you continue on the levels to complete the test questions. FluentU also has a feature that notifies you of areas where you performed poorly in your vocabulary in order to make room for improvements.

  • IELTS Simon: The amazing website was created by an experienced ex-IELTS examiner, Simon. The website offers some free downloadable IELTS content to study, with a series of video lessons available on his Youtube channel for more studies. He also gives a detailed explanation of some audio scripts from Cambridge IELTS 12, another good resource to prepare for IELTS.
  • IELTS Advantage: The IELTS Advantage website is a very good website that is user-friendly. This website put a major focus on IELTS vocabulary, with different tips and videos on how to learn vocabulary. It is very important to improve your vocabulary because it makes up 25% of the total mark in the writing and speaking test. Not everything is free though, as IELTS Advantage offers a correction service, starting from a range of 29.95 USD for the writing and speaking aspect.
  • Road to IELTS: This is the official British Council online course. The Road to IELTS has a free version and a full version which contains full IELTS sample exercises and an online preparation course. You will have to pay a sum of 49.99 USD to access the full version of Road of IELTS.
  • BridgeEnglish: BridgeEnglish offers vocabulary and grammar lessons, test questions, and other types of English tests with answers made available in pdf formats for downloads. You will answer about 100 questions in 65 minutes. This platform will improve your listening and reading comprehension skills, as you will answer about a hundred questions in 65 minutes, and you will get results to know the areas that need improvement after completing the test. BridgeEnglish will prepare you to take international exams such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • TrackTest: This platform offers both free and paid services. The free version offers a ten-minute English grammar test while the paid version offers listening, certification, reading, and feedback on areas that need improvements. The platform will also award you a certificate which you can include in your resume or job application to show your proficiency in the English language. If you need a hard copy of your certificate, you will have to pay to have it delivered to you.

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  • ESL Language Studies Abroad: This is an online platform that offers a more comprehensive English proficiency test that consists of 40 multiple choice questions which are to be completed in twenty minutes. The test is projected for people that find it hard to manage time during exams. To enable users to take note of the questions they failed so as to make corrections, answers to their test are provided on the completion of every test which can be put in PDF formats.
  • IELTS Tutorials: IELTS Tutorials has a mobile app that is available on Play Store & App Store. You get 90 already solved sample questions, the latest videos, practice materials, and informative blogs.
  • ielts-exam.net: Here, you will find which books to choose, information about test centers, some free practice tests, and many other tips. Answers for both the reading and listening parts are available, but there are no answers to the writing and speaking parts.


With better preparedness, taking the English proficiency tests can be very easy, and you will find yourself writing and speaking the English language properly.

By reading through the platforms, you will get quality English lessons, test questions, and their answers. They are also available for download, to be used in your own free time.

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