8 Best Community Colleges in Canada for International Students

8 Best Community Colleges in Canada for International Students

You have graduated from high school, so what next? Apply for a course in the university right? Come to think of it, have you even thought of attending a community college? Before I go further, let us talk about what a community college is.

The term community college means different things in various countries. Basically, it is an educational institution that provides workforce education, grants certificates and diplomas, as well as offer college transfer academic programs, and students who just graduated from high school can enroll.

Amongst countries that have community colleges, Canada seems to be the preferred choice for both domestic and international students. This is because Canada has worldwide recognition for its world-class education and these Canadian community colleges are cheap and readily affordable. Also, Canada is known all over the world for its natural beauty – which includes lakes, islands, beaches, just to mention a few – that serve as places of tourist attraction.

A lot of people tend to confuse a community college for a university. This is because they are yet to understand that they are two different educational systems. Community colleges fundamentally serves its surrounding community and offers traditional classes which will later transfer to a four-year university. Although, most degrees at community colleges are completed within two years, yet, they do not offer Bachelor degrees. Rather, they award certificates and associate degrees. Also, aside the time frame needed to complete a degree, community colleges have smaller campus size which reflects in having smaller recreational facilities.

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Maybe you have already made a decision to study at a community college in Canada – which is great by the way – but choosing what to study and at which college to study can be a tough one. In this article, we will be looking at the 8 best community colleges you can choose from.

  1. Humber College

Most interestingly, Humber college is one of the best colleges in Canada which combines theoretical learning with hands-on experience. Established in 1967, Humber supports collaboration, research and innovation. It offers 150 programs across 40 fields which include Bachelors degrees, diploma, certificate, post graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs. 

Scholarships are awarded to students – domestic and international – based on academic achievements and bursaries are disbursed to students who demonstrate financial need. It is ranked 41st in Canada, according to Webometric.

Tuition fee: $14,500 CAD

  1. Seneca College

Located in Toronto, Seneca offers over 140 special education diplomas. Also, it offers degrees and graduate certificates in the area of Aviation, Business, Engineering Technology, Fashion, Health and Wellness, just to mention a few. Seneca is ranked 69 in Canada, according to Webometric.

Tuition fee: $3,205

  1. George Brown College

Established in 1967, George Brown College is ranked amongst the best research colleges in Canada. Located in an area with major industries in Canada, George Brown gives students a headstart in the job market through partnership with companies.

George Brown offers full time, part time and continuing education programs that suit your schedule as you work towards a diploma, degree or certificate. Also, these companies advise on the course curriculum to meet the industry needs and get highly sought after skills in the current job market.

Tuition fee: $14,330 – $21,495

  1. Algonquin College

Established in 1967, Algonquin offers college, online, apprenticeship, co-op and collaborative degree programs, and is home to international students from over 130 countries. Algonquin is ranked amongst the top 50 Research colleges in Canada.

Tuition fee: $12,950 – $14,600

  1. Centennial College

Located in Toronto with a strong presence in countries like China, India, South Korea and Brazil, Centennial college has gained international recognition and is ranked among the best community colleges in Canada. Note worthy is the fact that Centennial college offers full-time and part-time industry recognized programs, as well as online learning for students who do not want to be locked in the formal school system. 

Also, centennial college offers scholarships and bursaries to domestic and international students. It is ranked 79 in Canada and 4894 in the world, according to Webometric.

Tuition fee: $14,080 – $18,366

  1. Selkirk College

Located in Southern British Columbia, Selkirk college is home to students from 34 countries and provides quality student services and facilities. Selkirk college offers full-time certificate, bachelor degree, co-op education, diploma as well as continuing education programs. According to ranking by Webometric, Selkirk college is 94th in Canada and 6,385th worldwide.

Tuition fee: $7,900 – $8,500

  1. Fanshawe College

Fanshawe is one of the largest colleges in Ontario – sixth to be precise – which provides flexible learning curriculum and hands-on experience based on the needs of the labour market. Also, Fanshawe offers more than 200 degrees, diploma, certificate and apprenticeship programs. With over 40,000 students from 60 different countries, international students are made to feel at home in the diverse community college.

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Tuition fee: $13,100 – $15,000

  1. Vanier College

Located in Montreal, Vanier college is a publicly-financed college named in memory of Gen. George .P. Vanier. Vanier college offers full time pre-university programs as well as technical career programs. Students from various cultural backgrounds and continent make up the college community. Also, national and international students stand a chance to be awarded scholarships and bursaries to cover for the cost of study based on their academic performance and demonstration of financial need. Based on Webometric ranking, Vanier college is placed in the 99th position in Canada.

Tuition fee: $4,900 – $7,700

Now that have seen the 8 best community colleges in Canada, the next step is to make a choice and start processing your application. 

First of all, You will have to ensure that you meet all requirements;

  • An up-to-date passport
  • An English and/or French language proficiency qualification
  • Proof of how you will be funding your studies

Second, Find a course and select your university. You will choose and apply for a specific major when applying for any university in Canada.

Third, you will need to take English/French exam of which IELTS is likely to be your best option since all universities and colleges in Canada accept it. 

However, as an international student you will need to apply for a study permit which will serve as the visa. This application can be done on the Government of Canada website or at the Canadian Embassy in your home country. A study permit allows you to stay for the duration of your course with an extra 90 days within which you will need to leave the country or apply to extend your stay.

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