Apply for the Solutions for Women Challenge in Dubai 2020

World Bank in partnership with CES invitations applications from African ladies for the United Nations agency world school Challenge in port 2020.

Over three hundred million fewer ladies access the web in low-and-middle-income countries than men. This divide has persisted and is in reality widening. Barriers to digital equality are connected, among alternative factors, to accessibility of infrastructure, money constraints, interest and perceived connexion of digital technologies, and socio-cultural and institutional contexts.

They shall reward ascendable, innovative solutions that ask for to empower ladies in four areas:

Platforms: Solutions that increase the supply of regionally relevant digital platforms job to ladies.
Digital skills: Solutions that support the event of digital skills by ladies and ladies.
Online content: Solutions that increase the supply of women-oriented on-line content and platforms.
Enhancing digital access: Solutions that specialise in innovative business models that build it easier for ladies to access and use digital technologies and alter the utilization of digital identification, like pay-as-you-go systems, and models that promote women’s sustained use of mobile net.

Value description: 

The Global school Challenge: Solutions for ladies provides a platform for innovators to

  • Deploy solutions at scale.
  • Replicate tested ideas in new environments.
  • Engage with United Nations agency purchasers.
  • Build long-run, property solutions to realize digital equality.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

  • The challenge is receptive all eligible for-profit and public interest organizations that are presently within the method of scaling solutions to bridge the gender digital divide.
  • Individuals and governments aren’t eligible to use.
  • UN Agencies aren’t eligible to use.
  • Recently registered organizations (both for-profit and not-for-profit) are eligible to use.

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2020

Application details:

Apply on-line via their web site
Applicants are going to be needed to submit AN application particularization their resolution beneath one or multiple of the four Challenge Focus Areas.
If you have got any questions about the challenge, please send them AN email: [email protected]


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