Arizona State University Scholarships for International Students

Arizona State University Scholarships for International Students

Every year, a variety of scholarships, including financial aid and loans, are offered to international students and US citizens. For the 2021 academic session, University of Arizona is delighted to receive application for the University of Arizona Undergraduate/Graduate scholarships in USA. 

Founded over 130 years ago (1885), University of Arizona has earned a top-notch  reputation as a comprehensive academic and research institution. As a matter of fact, UA is ranked among the top public universities in USA.  You can learn more about the University of Arizona.

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Value Description for University of Arizona Scholarships

It is important to note that these scholarships can only be taken in USA, and is available for Bachelor, Masters and PhD. Also, scholarships listed below come from different sources, with different eligibility requirements and deadlines.

  • Global Wildcat Award

This award is designed for students with outstanding academic performance and varies from $ 4,000 to $ 35,000 each year for first year students. Also, the award varies from $ 5,000 to $ 12,000 each year for transfer students.

You can learn more about the Global Wildcat Award here.

  • Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support women who intend to pursue a career in Technology. Each award recipient receives $ 10,000 and an exclusive invite to attend the Annual Google Scholar’s Retreat in California.

Know more about other university of Arizona Scholarships and international student loans available.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements 

  • International students and US citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants to undergraduate programs must have earned high school education.
  • Applicants to graduate program must have earned a Bachelor degree.

Learn more about undergraduate requirements and graduate requirements.

Available Fields and Majors at University of Arizona for Scholarships

  • Agriculture Sciences
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Agriculture Planning and development
  • Arts and Media
  • Bio and biomedical science
  • Business, economics
  • Communication, Journalism
  • Health, Nutrition, Fitness
  • Environment and sustainability
  • English Literature
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Education and human development
  • Culture and language
  • Computer and information science
  • Psychology
  • Physical and space science
  • Philosophy and religious studies
  • Mathematics, statistics and data science
  • Law, Policy and Social Justice
  • Social and Behavior Science

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Application Deadline: Each of the scholarships have different deadlines. However, the deadline for University of Arizona scholarships for undergraduates is in 3 phases:

  • 2 November
  • 15 March
  • 17 May

The deadline for the graduate scholarships depend on the course applied for.

Application Details for University of Arizona Scholarships

All application must be completed online. You are advised to visit the University’s official website for detailed information on how to apply for each scholarship, including the international student loans.




  1. Greetings,
    I’m Dr. John from Tanzania aged 26 years. I’m a holder of Bachelor degree in Doctor of Medicine (MD).
    I would like to specialize in either Internal Medicine or Obstetrics and Gynecology.
    I’m looking for a fully funded scholarship so as to enable me fulfill my ambition.

    Dr. John

    • Greetings ,
      I’m Derrick from Ghana aged a holder of Bachelor Degree in human resource management (HR) I would like to specialise in work safe or law.
      Am in search of a full funded scholarship

  2. I am Gemechu Lenchamo from Ethiopia 29 age i have bachelor degree in medical laboratory technology i would like to specialse in micro biology, etc

  3. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to expressed Myself.Further, I want you to please offer me fully funded Scholarships to enable me travel settle down and enroll in one of your renowned University. Meanwhile, I will love to read Biology and Chemistry ,because, I want to become a Medical Health professional one Day soon.I want you to please help me to realize this Dream of mine.

  4. My name Abebe Tesfa from Ethiopia. I am 29 years old.
    I am a holder of BSC in Animal production technology. I want to offer fully funded scholarship to specialized in animal breeding or related fields.

  5. Hie my name is Audrey R T Ndlovu and I would like to study law and social justice. I am looking for a full scholarship to fund my education. Thank you

  6. Hi my name is Nibras Jemal from Ethiopia . I graduated from haramaya university in department of Agricultural economics in 1999 and later attended MA in economics from Indra ghandi national open university . I had more than 18 years work experience in banking industry . I realy want attend post graduate studies in fields related to banking industry . I hope you may consider me for the opportunity you provide for international students

  7. Hello, I am Miss Seble Tesfaye from Ethiopea. I have BSc in Computer Science from Arbaminch University in 2019. I realy want to attend masters in bussinse manegement (MBA) in your university. I am looking fully funded scholarship to fund my study. Thank you!

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