Best 9 Online Colleges and Top Online Universities 

Online Colleges and Top Online Universities

Best 9 Online Colleges and Top Online Universities

 Lots of persons always wants to study online, but are always bothered on the best online colleges and top online universities, with the recent technological innovation lots of persons are so eager to take up distance learning options due to the flexibility it offers her students.

  1. Northeastern University

Location: Boston, MA


This university was established in 1898, it has a prestige in experimental education, it has about 140 programs in her 9 colleges and schools, it affords her distance education students the opportunity to study and experience her education through her partner organizations for efficient learning.  It has about 10 bachelor’s, 63 master’s, 2 doctoral, and 69 certificate in her online program. It teaches her program asynchronously.

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  1. Indiana University-Bloomington

Location: Bloomington, IN


 Being the flagship university of the Indiana university system, its online student’s population is around 6000 enrolled in about 100 programs, it also allows her students to gain access to her online library and main library, tutoring and academic coaching. It affords her students a convenience, and her program is completed asynchronously, it has in her online program, the following programs 1 associate, 3 bachelors’, 60 master’s, 3 doctoral, and 40 certificate.

  1. California State University-Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA


This public university was established in 1947, Through her Cal state online network it serves more than 8000 students in about 100 online program, it offers her students the opportunity to fully do their degrees, certificates, and completion programs online. It has about 35 bachelors’, 61 masters’, 4 doctoral, 131 certificate in her online program. Its program is asynchronous.

  1. University of Florida-Online

Location: Gainesville, FL


This public university is the oldest and largest in the sunshine state, her online program is about 24 bachelors’, 84 masters’, 7 doctoral, and 103 certificate, her online students also gain access to her library, tutoring and wellness program.

  1. University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, FL


This university was established in 1963, while in 1999 it started online program to complement the efforts of her distance education, where it offers about 2,100 online courses and more than 100 online degrees and certificates. Her online program serves more than 5500 online students.  Where it provides them with skill training, career support services etc. it has developed and improved her online program, to move with the trends of technology. 

  1. LeTourneau University

Location: Longview, TX


This university has about 3100 students in her online program, where it offers about 8 associate, 21 bachelors’, 12 master’s, and 1 certificate, some of her program can be completed entirely online, while some requires an in person experience. 

  1. Texas Tech University

Location: Lubbock, TX

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This university has about 80 online degree and certificate programs, it has offered her online students access to various students support services, it uses the asynchronous means as mode of instruction. 

  1. Arizona State University-Tempe

Location: Tempe, AZ


This university offers about 200 degree programs in her online program, its online program is 117 bachelors’, 101 master’s, 3 doctoral degrees, and 34 certificate.  Most of her program are accelerated. 

  1. Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Location: Fort Collins, CO


This university was established in 1870, it affords her students the opportunity to choose their course  from more than 50 different degree, where it offers about 13 bachelor’s, 40 master’s, 4 doctoral degrees, and 44 certificate, its online program is asynchronous. 

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