Best Colleges and Universities in Brunswick Maine

Best Colleges and Universities in Brunswick Maine

 The city if Brunswick Maine is a small city with rich heritage, and a minimum cost of living, having only one institution, which is sometimes ranked as the second best in the city of Maine, we were able to compile a list of the best colleges close to it.

  1. Bowdoin College

LOCATION: Brunswick, ME

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Website: http://www.bowdoin.edu/ 

This great university was founded in 1794, as a male university, thou currently it is a co-educational university, it is a selective institution renowned for having a no policy for SAT and ACT, it has President Franklin Peirce as its alumni, it offers program in about 40 majors for 1,799 undergraduate students. With a faculty student’s ratio of 9:1. This institution has an outing club which offers 100 excursions yearly, it has abolished fraternities and replaced it with social houses, it also has one of the oldest literary and intellectual societies. 

Colleges close to Brunswick, ME

  1. Bates College

LOCATION: Lewiston, ME

Website: http://www.bates.edu/ 

Distance to Brunswick, ME:  34 mins (20.7 miles)

This institution was founded in 1855 , it was the first coeducational college without affiliation to  race, religion, national origin, or sex,  as a private college,  this institution is highly selective, residential college academic rigor, intellectual curiosity, egalitarianism, social justice and freedom. It has her programs which are in 36 majors and 25 minors, with a student’s population of about 2000, it has a student’s faculty ratio of about 10: 1.  Even before the 13th amendment it was already admitting blacks.

  1. University of Maine


Website: http://www.umaine.edu/ 

Distance to Brunswick ME:  1:48 mins (117 miles)

This university was founded in 1865, this institution is a land and sea grant university, as a public research institution.  It offers about 100 undergraduate majors for 9323 students, it has a student’s faculty ratio of 16: 1.  It is one of the largest comprehensive public research institution.

  1. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

LOCATION: Standish, ME

Website: http://www.sjcme.edu/ 

Distance to Brunswick ME:  14: 2 min (927.2 miles)

This institution was founded in 1912 as a coeducational institution, by the sisters of Mercy. It also provides advanced certificate, undergraduate, and advanced degrees to adults through online platforms, it has about 40 majors for 1000 students, and over 2500 undergraduate students in an online program.  It has a student’s faculty ratio of 12:1. Through her membership in International Student Exchange Program (ISEP   it affords her students the opportunity to study in about 265 colleges in 37 countries for a semester or full academic year.

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  1. University of New England

LOCATION: Biddeford, ME

Website: http://www.une.edu/ 

Distance to Brunswick ME: 49 min (42.9 Miles)

This university was founded in 1831 as a coeducational boarding school, it has two campuses one in Portland, Maine and the other in Tangier, Morocco. It offers programs in 40 majors for her undergraduate student’s population of 3801, it has a student’s faculty ratio of about 13:1.  It is a great pioneer to inter professional approach to medical education, where it aims at producing wells rounded scholars and professionals who can adapt, prosper and lead in a rapidly evolving global world

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