Best Colleges and Universities in Peoria IL

Best Colleges and Universities in Peoria IL

This city is a popular in Illinois, and has an exciting new opportunity, and most of the leading jobs in this city is health care, education, tourism and this city is popular, which has made many persons search for the best colleges and universities in Peoria. 

  1. Bradley University

Location: Peoria, IL

Website: https://www.bradley.edu/ 

This institution is a private research and independent university; it hosts a world class faculty. This great institution offers about 130 degree programs in both graduate and undergraduate programs, across five colleges, and programs in education, engineering, fine arts, business, communications, health sciences, liberal arts, sciences, and technology. Its students staff ratio is 12:1. Its major programs are Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Business Administration. Only full-fledged professors teach here.  It also has a great student’s laundry.

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  1. St Francis Medical Center College

Location: Peoria, IL

Website: https://www.osfhealthcare.org/sfmccon/ 

This institution is a private college and a Branch of Illinois College of Medicine teaching hospital in Peoria, this college awards an BSN, MSN, and DNP degree programs, traditional and online nursing courses all programs are offered online and traditional. Admission requirements is TOEFL. This college is the largest Catholic hospital.

  1. Methodist college

Location: Peoria, IL

Website: https://www.methodistcol.edu/admissions.aspx 

This institution is a is a private, non-profit, four-year college, it offers programs that awards baccalaureate and master’s opportunities, health science, social work, medical and nursing assistants. It also has a scholarship opportunities and gives her students financial grants.

  1. Robert Morris University – Peoria

Location: Peoria, IL

Website: https://robertmorris.edu/about/locations/ 

This is a private university and it offers associate and bachelor’s degrees, it was founded in 1913 this institution enrolls about 5000 students and offers about 60-degree program,35 masters and doctoral degree program. 

  1. University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

Location: Peoria

Website: http://www.medicine.uic.edu/ 

 This institution is a public research four-year college leading to MD degree, its parent institution is university of Illinois Chicago, it has about 1290 students enrolled in her program.

 Nearby to Peoria

1 Eureka College

Location: Eureka 

Website: http://www.eureka.edu/ 

Distance to Peoria:

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 This is a private liberal arts Christian university, affiliated with the Disciples of Christ Christian Church, it has a student’s population of about 800, it teaches students the ability to embrace leadership and service. It offers programs in over 30 major areas of study and 20 minor areas, including philosophy, religion, English, and education. Major of her programs are Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Pre-Medicine Professional Program. It is home to Ronald Reagan museum and numerous galleries. 

  1. University of Illinois

Location: Urbana–Champaign of Illinois

Website: https://illinois.edu/ 

Distance to Peoria: 

This is a public research university, it is a and-grant, sea-grant, space-grant research university, it offers about degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels in her 17 colleges. It delivers her programs through traditional and online pathways.  It among the top five engineering schools in the world. It has a student’s population of about 44,000 students.  Its majors are Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Master of Business Administration and Doctorate of Aerospace Engineering. Its student’s population is reaches about 100 different countries and 50 states.

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