Best Colleges and Universities in Prescott AZ

Best Colleges and Universities in Prescott AZ

 Being the central city in Arizona, is popular for her museums and parks, which has made it popular among all students. Its institution is popular and most persons always search for the best college to study in Prescott. 

  1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Location: Prescott, AZ

Website: https://prescott.erau.edu/

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 This institution is a private research technological university, it is a world class institution in Aviation, Aerospace, and Security and Intelligence, it has a top ranked program in the field of aerospace engineering. It offers online and on campus program which awards a bachelor’s, masters and Doctorate degree. It has a student’s population of about 2700 students from across all states in the US and about 40 countries, it offers about 24 undergraduates and three graduate programs. It also houses the united states of America first college of security and intelligence.  It also houses a great STEM Centre which has offered a lot of opportunities to the public.

  1. Northern Arizona University – Prescott Campus

Location: Yapai Prescott AZ

Website: https://nau.edu/prescott 

 This institution is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This institution is a private research university, it offers programs in engineering, mechanical and biomedical. Its Prescott campus is located in the yapai community college. It offers Bachelor’s degree, 51 master’s degree and 14 Doctoral degree. 30 Graduate certificate and online in technical, research, community, sports  and social organizations. 

  1. Northern Arizona University – Prescott Valley Campus

Location: Prescott valley campus, AZ

Website: http://nau.edu/prescottvalley/ 

This institution has a mission of developing her students for a skill in the job market and also to be resourceful entrepreneurs. It offers two bachelor’s degree and its class is offered both online and on campus.  It also has evening classes which has allowed them to earn their degree while doing their respective job.  Its bachelor’s degree is delivered in 90/30 format. 

  1. Prescott College

Location: Prescott, Az

Website: https://prescott.edu/

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 This great college was founded in 1966, it is a private liberal arts college, it offers graduate and undergraduate programs. It offers degree program which awards Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  It also offers online programs in arts and humanities.  Through her various community based projects and programs it utilizes the opportunity to engage her students to apply her skills from the knowledge gained so far.  It also offers her students the opportunity to learn alongside experts. Most of her programs is structured to be a   problem based and solution oriented. Which has helped make her students to be global solution makers.

  1. Grand Canyon University

Location: Prescott, AZ

Website: https://www.gcu.edu/ 

This institution was charted in Aug 1, 1949, this is a private university. It has 16 faculties. Its main campus is in Phoenix, this institution currently focuses in STEM and Business courses, it has a great reputation in producing renowned and effective teachers, nurses and health care professionals. It also has a great online network and programs where it provides support to her students.

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