Best Colleges in Pittsburgh, PA

Best Colleges in Pittsburgh, PA

 This is a mid-sized city, it offers her residents and students city’s sustainable architecture, riverfront trails and vibrant sports community. This city offers several opportunities to her students which is one of the reasons most persons who wish to study in Pennsylvania wants to study they before considering any other city. The best colleges in Pittsburgh is listed based on the research capacity of each institution.  Majority of the universities here are known for her advanced program in Science technology, English and mathematics STEM, which is why most persons wants to study in this city, and again the low employability rate

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Website: https://www.cmu.edu/ 

This institution is a private research university, it was founded in 1900, renowned for her contributions to the field of robotics, brain science, big data etc.  This great university had always emphasized on the needs for her students to partake in interdisciplinary studies. Most of her students come from. Majorly 144 countries of the world.  It also hosts many leadership and development programs. It awards many financial aids to her students.  To apply you must have at least a GED or its equivalent, with your SAT score.

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 This great institution is renowned for her program in STEM, this great institution was a pioneer to Wi-Fi connection, it has created many software programs. 

  1. University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Website: https://www.pitt.edu/ 

 This is a public state research institution has about five campus spread across Pennsylvania, it also has some online programs in education, engineering and nursing and on campus programs. It also among the highest recipients of the national institute for health. It is ranked among the top 25 universities in the country. It also has research institutions Asian, European, East European, and Global Studies. It also makes her students in order to build them up, gives room for them to enroll in extracurricular activities like seminars, workshops, experimental learning etc, application to this great institution requires a GED or its equivalent. And passing an ACT or SAT 

  1. Chatham University

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Website: https://chatham.edu/ 

This institution is greatly renowned for her abotereum, it also regarded as one of the greenest schools in the US.  It has a great lecture hall with an LEED and great lecture halls.  It also offer’s many online and on campus programs, it also offers some integrated degree options where it offers a bachelor’s completion courses for her masters.

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  1. Duquesne University

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA

Website: http://www.duq.edu/ 

This is a private, not for profit, Catholic University, founded in 1878, it offers about 185 degrees in all her programs.  It offers several online programs which are accelerated to accommodate the needs of the students and it runs a great student’s media, which encompasses newspaper, radio stations and a year book. And one of the longest running dance company in the united states known as Tamburitzans, which it is famous for.  It Aldo has her own law school and a pharmacy school.

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