Best Colleges in Troy New York

Best Colleges in Troy New York

Best Colleges in Troy New York

A lot of persons always wants to study in the New York city also called the city that never sleeps, but due to the high cost of living most persons seek for universities around the city of New York or cities around it. So that while studying they can get the opportunities of having an experience of what the city looks like while visiting it.  The best colleges is in troy new York, will go a long way in aiding your academic journey to new York.

 The ranking below was considered based on their ranking in New York universities and US universities, which was based on the academic prowess of each institution. How each university aims at training her students to meet up the demands of the society and fit into

  1. Russell Sage College

Location: troy


This college offers undergraduates and graduates degree programs, it also has a campus in Albany, it is unique for offering a 3 years undergraduate and a half year masters in occupational therapy. It is ranked 206 in the united states university ranking.

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  1. Excelsior College

Location: Troy, NY


 This is an online university, it offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in nursing, business and liberal arts to her students.  It also provides job and internship offers to her students. 

  1. Siena College

Location: troy New York


 This institution has about 16 undergraduate departments and offers programs in business, liberal arts, and sciences. It also provides a great link access to her students to access faculty support, and counseling in building their careers.

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Location: Troy, New York


This is a private research university aimed at building students who can inculcate science to real life, its programs is divided into five schools which are Architecture, Humanities, Engineering, Arts, and Social Sciences. Most of its majors revolves around STEM.

        5. The College of Saint Rose

Location: Troy New York


This is a private university it offers programs that awards a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree, it’s program is divided into 27 academic programmers and 23 departments. It has many scholarships and financial aids.

 Colleges around troy

  1. Union College

Location: Schenectady


Distance to troy: 

 This institution was established in 1795, it a liberal arts college and is among the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the world. It has about 21 academic departments, most of her major degrees are engineering, computer, arts, technology, electronics, literature, foreign languages, and mechanical course. To be admitted into this university you must not have a criminal record.

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  1. University at Albany

Location: Albany New York



 This institution was chartered in 1844, it offers about 50 majors in her undergraduate program and about 125 graduate programs. It is among the 251-300 universities in the world. 

 Links to each institution and the distance to troy have been provided to help you in your search for a good university, while living in the great city of Troy.

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