Best Community College in Bay Area in USA

Best Community College in Bay Area in USA

Best Community College in Bay Area in USA

The bay area of California has lots to give out to her students, and it covering places like the silicon valley, education in this area due to the job description always requires at least an associate degree, thou most community colleges in order to help the society acquire a degree in this area has online and flexible programs,  which is why we compiled the list of the best community college in bay area.

  1. Las Positas College

Location: Las Positas College


This is a public community college, it was established in 1988 and offers 22 occupational associate degrees, 16 transfer associate degrees and 42 certificate programs, this institution has one of the best transfer program to a four-year college also. This institution offers online programs in programs in arts and humanities, business, computer science, marketing, and sociology.

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  1. Ohlone College

Location: Fremont, CA


This institution offers about 196 associate degree and certificate programs, this institution offers a great program to those interested on transferring to a four year college, it also offers an ideal distance education for students working and family responsibilities.  It also offers a traditional liberal arts program.  It has a student’s population is around 16000.

  1. Mission College

Location: Santa Clara, CA


This institution has about 3500 students all enrolled in her degree programs which leads to award of associate degree, certificate.  It is located within the Silicon Valley golden district.

  1. Merritt Community College

Location: Oakland CA


Through her three campuses it offers programs in nutrition, microscopy, nursing, radiology and administration of justice, paralegal studies etc. Which leads to the award of associate degree, certificate and transfer degree. 

  1. Contra Costa Community College

Location: martinez, CA


This is the oldest and diverse community college in its district, it offers about 125 different degree and certificate programs in Business, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Geography, Journalism, Mathematics, arts and Nursing. 

  1. Solano Community College

Location: Fairfield, CA


This institution was established in 1945, apart from offering the normal associate degree, certificate and diploma, it awards a bachelor’s degree. 

  1. De Anza College

Location: Cupertino, CA


This institution located in Silicon Valley, will provide you with the best educational and technical connections you need, it offers programs that awards 70 associate degrees and 90 certificate programs. Admission requirement in this institution is a high school diploma and a GED.

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  1. West Valley College

Location: Saratoga, CA


This is a public research community college, it has about 61 associate degrees and 94 certificate programs, this institution aims at making her students to gain skills necessary for their fields and also be reliant.

  1. Berkeley City College

Location: Berkeley, CA


This institution was formerly known as visits college, it is a public community college, it has about 60 different program divided into 6 schools, where it aims at transforming lives. It also offers hybrid and online course for her distance education students, where it uses canvases.

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