Best Community Colleges in Boston, MA

Best Community Colleges in Boston, MA

The city of Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, it is the 21st most populous city in US and still continues to be the hub of education and culture, through her universities and colleges this city is thriving with researches  and many of her colleges and universities like Harvard, MIT,  tufts etc are internationally recognized and are among the best,  this city has a high cost of living and most of the high paying jobs are finance, biotechnology, information technology  which requires one to have at least a post high school certificate, which sometimes many can’t afford a university certificate so the next option they seek for is an associate degree, which is why we compiled a list of the best community colleges in Boston, Massachusetts.

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  1. Bunker Hill Community College

Location: Boston, MA

Website: www.bhcc.mass.edu 

This community college was founded in 1973, it is also among the largest community college in Massachusetts, and also has about 3 campuses, it has offered a unique education to her students. This institution has about 11,000 students enrolled in her different programs, both part time, online and full time from many countries of the world.  It offers degree programs from associated of science, Associate of arts, Associate of applied science, certificate programs in courses like business management, psychology, and early childhood studies. This university through her Mass Transfer Block allow her students pursue a 34 credit courses that will lead to a 4-year college, it also maintains partnership with Lesley university.

  1. Roxbury Community College

Location: Roxbury Crossing Boston, MA

Website: www.rcc.mass.edu 

This great institution was founded in 1973, as part of the common wealth of Massachusetts community system.  This institution has about 2,400 students enrolled in her associate of art’s, associate of Science, associate of applied science, certificate programs and other career courses which it offers part time, full time and online programs.  Most of her programs are Africana Studies, Biological Science, Environmental Management, Biotechnology, Business Management, and Criminal Justice, etc. and also certificate programs in topics like Broadcast Media, Paralegal Studies, Web Technologies, and Practical Nursing etc.  Where it aims at giving her graduates a career. It also maintains a memorandum of understanding with the following institutions Northeastern University, Lesley University, Bay State College, and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, for her students who are enrolled in a completion program.

It also has an open admission policy, which makes it unique among other institutions.

    3. North Shore Community College

Location: Boston, MA

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Website: http://www.northshore.edu/ 

This institution has about 3 campuses and a student’s population of 16,000, enrolled in her online, part time and full time programs enrolled in about 80 associate degrees and professional certificate programs. It offers about 13 major in areas like agricultural and food services, animal science, emergency response, liberal arts, and information technology etc.  This institution allows students to have an experience and seek ways to build and seek ways to build their society. It also allows students to have an internship opportunity with companies around and located in Massachusetts area in fields like accounting, culinary arts and graphics design.

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