Best Junior Colleges in Florida 

Best Junior Colleges in Florida 

Best Junior Colleges in Florida

The Florida state’s unemployment rate sits at 3.2%, well below the united states national average of 3.7%. Florida also offers you opportunities in major industries like in advanced manufacturing, information technology and healthcare, which needs at least a post-secondary certificate, a lot of persons who can’t afford to study in a four year college due to finance take up courses in community colleges to aid them in getting a good job and also complete their program in a four year college when  the have finance, which is why we compiled a list of the best junior colleges in Florida 

  1. Florida Panhandle Technical College

Location: Chipley, FL


This institution offers program that Leads to a career in healthcare, corrections, and construction. It awards associate degrees. Application is through having a high school diploma and Florida residency forms.

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  1. Pinellas Technical College-St. Petersburg

location:  Saint Petersburg, FL


This institution has a student’s population of 5,000 full-time students in about full-time certificate programs, six apprenticeships, and five short courses with day, evening, and online programs. Application is through an online platform.

  1. Lorenzo Walker Technical College

Location: Naples, FL


This institution offers 25 career and technical programs, in areas such as veterinary assisting, drafting, dental assisting, and pharmacy tech. they also offer evening programs too.

4. Pinellas Technical College-Clearwater

Location: Clearwater, FL


This institution offers a full-time certificate programs, five apprenticeships, and 10 short courses, they also offer evening programs, too. They award an associate degree.  Most of her programs prepare her students for a career in automotive services, interior design, culinary arts and hospitality, and web development.

  1. Emerald Coast Technical College

Location: DeFuniak Springs, FL


This institution offers program in transportation, information technology, architecture and construction, manufacturing, cosmetology, and nursing/healthcare. It also prepares her students for work place. Its application process is through online.

  1. Orange Technical College-Westside Campus

Location: Winter Garden, FL


This institution offers full-time and part-time career preparation programs and apprenticeships, it also has a dual program for high school students which is tuition free. Its program prepares her students for a career in massage therapist, HVAC technician, veterinary assistant, or welder.

  1. Manatee Technical College

Location: Bradenton, FL


This two-year college offers career and technical programs which has options in full time, part time, evening, weekend and online. Programs offered include architecture and construction, manufacturing, digital technology, business administration, health sciences, and hospitality/tourism. It also offers an express class in optometry. It also has career programs that prepares her students as firefighters, paramedics, or personal trainers. It also has about 80 programs online.

  1. RIVEROAK Technical College

Location: Live Oak, FL


This 2-year college was founded in 1966, it offers 19 technical and career programs in automotive services, masonry, cosmetology, early childhood education, and practical nursing etc. It also offers online classes.

  1. Orange Technical College-Orlando Campus

Location: Orlando, FL


This institution was established in 1981, it offers career programs and apprenticeships. It also offers 18 career certificate and two licensing programs in arts, communications, business, education, and health services.

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  1. Marchman Technical Education Center

Location: New Port Richey, FL


This institution offers career certificate programs to high school graduates, it also offers program for high school students in commercial arts, welding, culinary arts, and electricity. 

Studying in any of the Junior colleges in Florida offers you the opportunity to build your career and have a hands on experience in any field of study you’re interested in.

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