Best Junior Colleges in Illinois, USA

Best Junior Colleges in Illinois, USA

Best Junior Colleges in Illinois, USA

In the state of Illinois the top most employment fields is administrative support, sales, education and management which needs a certificate above high school diploma, due to the high tuition fees in most four year colleges the only option available for most persons are junior colleges or community colleges. And with associate degrees awarded by junior colleges you can earn your bachelor’s degree in two years. They’re many junior colleges Illinois which is why we have listed the best to aid your search

  1. Frontier Community College – Fairfield, IL
  2. Elgin Community College – Elgin, IL
  3. Olney Central College – Olney, IL
  4. Richland Community College – Decatur, IL
  5. Lincoln Trail College – Robinson, IL
  6. Morton College – Cicero, IL
  7. Lake Land College – Mattoon, IL
  8. College of Lake County – Grayslake, IL
  9. Danville Area Community College – Danville, IL

1. Frontier Community College

Location: Fairfield, IL

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 This institution is a member of the Illinois Eastern community college’s, it offers about 2 dozen programs and 4 associate degrees that prepares students for transfer to a 4-year college. It offers online program. And accepts GED certificate and High school students for admission.

  1. Elgin Community College

Location: Elgin, IL


It offers an online and on campus programs, it offers an associate degree, 130 career courses and technical programs. It also offers a program that help immigrants be naturalized in the US.  It also provides military support programs to her military students.

  1. Olney Central College

Location: Olney, IL


This is another Illinois eastern community college, it also runs a program with Franklin university Ohio, for a bachelor’s completion program.  It also offers certificate programs in medical office assistant, professional bookkeeping, and administration of justice.  It also offers an online program, it accepts a GED and a high school diploma.

  1. Richland Community College

Location: Decatur, IL


It has a student’s enrollment of 3500, it offers an associate degree in African American studies, drafting and design engineering, and engineering technology – facilities maintenance and certificate programs in web programming and environmental sustainability.  This institution uses the canvas platform to offer her online, part-time, fulltime and accelerated programs.

 It also offers a dual credit program for high students and a degree completion program with nearby four year colleges.

  1. Lincoln Trail College

Location: Robinson, IL


This institution also belongs to the Illinois Eastern community college, it offers 4 associate degree and 30 certificate programs in computer security and forensics, interconnect technician, and public service management. It offers a continuing education program and online programs to her students, and also GED preparation courses. Its admission procedures are same as other IECC.

  1. Morton College

Location: Cicero, IL


This community college awards AA, AS, associate in liberal studies, or associate in fine arts degrees to her students. It uses the black board to offer her asynchronous programs. It also provides financial assistance to her students.

  1. Lake Land College

Location: Mattoon, IL

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This institution aims at preparing students for a career or degree completion, it also offers horticulture, physics, and secondary education, and also offers program in dental hygiene and nursing. It also offers a 4 career preparation program.

  1. College of Lake County

Location: Grayslake, IL


This institution offers programs that awards degree in 10 academic areas. This institution has a student’s enrollment of 9000 in her online and hybrid courses. It also uses the blackboard for her online programs. 

  1. Danville Area Community College

Location: Danville, IL


This institution is unique for her transfer program where degree completion students study for 3 years and complete the remaining one year in a 4 year colleges.  It uses blackboard for her online programs. Application is through high school diploma or GED certificate.

This list  was compiled to assist you greatly  in your search for the best junior colleges in Illinois as we have provided you with links to hasten your admission process.

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