Best Mechanical Engineering Universities And Colleges in Canada

Best Mechanical Engineering Universities And Colleges in Canada

In many parts of the world today the field of mechanical engineering is one of the top most paid jobs, as a result of increase in the use of automobiles, machines etc. which requires the services of  a mechanical engineer, and Canada is one of the most international students friendly country in the world and the most applied for by students seeking to study abroad, mechanical engineering is also among the most applied courses by international students which is one the reasons we compiled this list of the best mechanical engineering universities and colleges in Canada to aid your admission processing

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  1. University of Toronto

Location: downtown, Toronto

Website: www.utoronto.ca

This institution is among the best 100 universities in the world, to study mechanical engineering in this university, you need to apply for a bachelor of applied science program, and you will be taught the mechanical principles of designing cars, medical devices etc.  which you will chose from any to specialize in, their programs are also involves creating a student’s friendly and suit his or her needs.

2. McGill University

Location: Montreal, Canada

Website: www.mcgill.ca

This university offers mentorship to her mechanical engineering students, her mechanical engineering program involves three streams, to accommodate those with CEGEP, those without and honours students. They also offer their students the opportunity to have a knowledge in robotics, rock team etc. They also offers specialized programs in aeronautics and design concentration.

  1. University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver

Website: www.ubc.ca

This is a public research institution, this great institution requires her mechanical engineering applicants to do a year general engineering studies at the university or any other institutions, but must have a high grade to be admitted. This institution utilize field trips and projects exhibition to teach her students, upon admission her mechanical engineering students qualify for a program called MECH 2, where they offer 4 courses in a year instead of six courses per semester.

  1. University of Alberta

Location: western province of Alberta

Website: www.ualberta.ca

 This is a public research institution, that houses the largest mechanical engineering department in Canada, with a students population of 700 undergraduate’s and 250 graduate students. Its engineering school has many faculties.

This institution affords her students the opportunity to  participate in a paid research,  join formula SAE which designs racing cars and a special program called engineering without boarder’s. They also offer a traditional four engineering tracks and cooperation education stream.

  1. McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Website: www.mcmaster.com

This public research institution has one of the best engineering faculty in the world, and her mechanical engineering program is very competitive, students have the option of choosing from traditional four-year programme and a co-op programme.

  1. University of Waterloo

Location: Eastern Province of Ontario

Website: www.uwaterloo.ca

This public research university, aims at preparing and giving her students a foundation in mechanical designs, including the fields of mechanics, manufacturing, power, and control.Admission here is based on students grade 12 performance in chemistry and physics. They also afford their students ability to gain work experience.

  1. University of Western Ontario

Location: London, Ontario

Website: www.uwo.ca

This institutions houses about 30 faculty members involved in research in the fields of mechanical engineering, it requires her applicants to do a general engineering program, before getting admitted. Its second and third year prepares her students for a foundation in the fields of mechanical engineering, and her students are allowed to specialize in a field if mechanical engineering by their 4th year, in fluid and thermal systems, manufacturing, robotics, and production management.

  1. University of Calgary

Location: Calgary

Website: www.ucalgary.ca

This public research university houses her mechanical engineering department in the Schulich School of Engineering, application to the department of mechanical engineering is always through the faculty, where the students are admitted to do a  foundational program in engineering before applying to the department of mechanical engineering.

  1. Queen’s University at Kingston

Location: Kingston, Ontario

Website: www.queensu.ca

This public research institution through her mechanical engineering department provides her students with a foundation in mechanical engineering, students have options to finish a program in general mechanical engineering or specialize in their second year at this university, and it has a machine shop that allows her students gain experience.

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  1. Dalhousie University

Location: Halifax, province of Nova Scotia

Website: www.dal.ca

 SThis institution through her mechanical engineering program houses 250 students, where they have laboratory and co experience, it also admits her students through the foundation program in engineering.

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