Best Online Colleges in Michigan, USA

Best Online Colleges in Michigan, USA

The state of Michigan is renowned for its various online programs in her universities and is predicted to have an 1.1% to 4.5% increase in employment by the year 2017, which means that by 2021 they will be a drastic decrease in unemployment. in Michigan 97 of its universities and colleges offer online classes which is why we have decided to compile a list of the 10 best online colleges in Michigan, to aid and provide necessary information about each institutions online program.

 According to a publication by the us department of education out of 49000 college students studying in Michigan about 7.5% are enrolled in online programs with a projected increase in students enrolled in online programs yearly, online programs became popular in the state of Michigan as a result of the mantra of one of her governors who once said ‘’Any place, any time, any way and any pace’’

The major industries in the state of Michigan include aerospace, automobile manufacturing and supplies, carbon fiber, composite agrobussiness, cyber security and defense which requires a post-secondary education to get a job which makes online program your best option also companies afford her staff the opportunity to work and complete their programs online. Thou majority of the online programs offered are in the following fields nursing, business admin, public health and criminal justice, with other options in education.

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  • Central Michigan university

Location: mount pleasant MI

Website: www.cmich.edu

 This institution is one of the largest public university and was founded in 1892, with a student’s population of 2500 while 7000 are enrolled in her online programs. It offers 200 programs in bachelors, masters and doctoral program spread across its 8 different academic divisions.it makes use of canvas for its online program and offers online library and resources in online writing and math’s tutorials to her online students.

  • Daven port university

Location: Grand Rapids MI

Website: www.davenport.edu 

This university was established in 1866 by an army veteran as a nonprofit university. It has a student’s population of 12,000 in her 50 degree programs spread across its 4 colleges. its school of distance learning offers programs that leads to the award of associate, baccalaureate, bachelor’s degree, masters and certificate programs in health information technology and finance, marketing, sports management, M.Sc. in information assurance & business admin and a certificate in forensics.

  • Andrew university

Location: Berrier springs MI

Website: www.andrews.edu 

This is a private institution established in 1874 by the seventh day Adventist school system. It has a student’s population of over 3000 in her 200 degree programs in 8 different academic colleges. Its online program/ Distance Education offers programs that leads to award of associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral, specialists and certificate programs in general business studies, MSc in education, leadership and public health, nursing and instruction certificate.

They utilize online learning hub, online video conferencing tutoring and online library to her online students.

  • Siena height university MI

Location: Adrian MI

Website: www.sienaheight.edu 

This institution has one of the highest graduation ranking among the private online colleges in US, its online program also accommodates working class students. They offer online academic advising and degree planning service, online library database to her students. They offer also offer a completion online program for students with lower credits from community colleges to get their BSc.

  • Ferris state university

Location: Big Rapid MI

Website: www.ferris.edu 

This is a public university founded in 1884, with a student’s population of 14000. Through its Ferris online this institution offer baccalaureate, bachelor’s degree, masters and certificate programs,

Its Ferris online provides a technical support and online library program to her student, and good assignment platform.

  • Eastern Michigan university  

Location: Ypsilanti MI

Website: www.emich.edu 

This university was started initially as a teachers training college in 1849, currently it has a student’s population of 2300 spread across its 370 degree programs in 7 academic colleges.

They offer several online baccalaureates, masters and certificate in nursing and technology management, quality management and nutrition.

They provide writing assistance and technical support to her students with access to online library.

  • University of Michigan

Location: flint MI

Website: www.umflint.edu 

It was established in 1956 as a satellite campus of university of Michigan with a student’s population of 8000 In over 140 programs.

Their online program awards baccalaureate, Masters, doctoral and certificate degrees in nursing, business admin, MSc computer science and physical therapy, PhD nursing and anesthesia practice.

 It provides technical support and online library to her distance education students offering online degrees.

  • Northwood university Michigan

Location: midland MI

Website: www.northwood.edu 

It is online school is renowned for business administration which is designed for working class students. They offer online programs and hybrid programs which mixes campus and distance learning, they also have regional education certificate.

  • Baker college Michigan

Location: flint MI

Website: www.baker.edu 

It was established in 1911 with a student’s population of over 28000, this institution is very unique in that it offers a program called right to try, which allows students attend classes without the admission requirement. They offer online program that awards baccalaureate, associate, Masters, doctoral and certificate in fields like computer, nursing, business administration, game development and criminal justice.

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  • University of Michigan

Location: Dearborn MI

Website: www.umdearborn.edu 

 This is a public university with a student population of 9000 in her online and on campus program. The university of Michigan uses canvas learning platform and also live video stream of classes, it also provides synchronous and asynchronous material to her students. Its MBA include dual degree with options in finance or industry and system engineering.

This list of the best online colleges in Michigan was carefully selected and judged based on the quality of programs they offer, their faculty strength and how student friendly their online program is, we have also provided you with the links to each institutions admission link to aid your admission.

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