Best Online Master’s in Public Administration Programs

Online Master's in Public Administration Programs

Best online Master’s in Public Administration Programs

 With the society ever changing and nature of public service dynamic, most public servants who wish to gain knowledge seek for the best online master’s in public administration programs in order to get a college certificate at their convenience and pace,  

  1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Location: Chapel Hill, NC


This university focuses on the needs of her immediate community and the state in her master of public administration, this program requires a 9 core courses, electives, practicum and portfolio courses.  Areas of specialty are local government, public management, nonprofit management, public health, or international relations.

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This program is fully offered online, through synchronous and asynchronous means, to be admitted you must have written any of the following placement tests GRE, LSAT, GMAT, or an approved waiver. 

  1. University of Southern California

Location: Los Angeles, CA


This program allows her students gain certificate in either public policy or city and county management, her students do residency and capstone programs.  It offers her program through Hybrid (online/on campus). 

  1. Northwestern University

Location: Evanston, IL


This private university, allows her students to complete her program either online, part time full accelerated program, or on campus options.  Its areas of specialization are Public policy; public administration; global policy; global health; data analytics.  To study this program, you must pass through 9 core courses and 3 electives, a capstone class or independent thesis.  This program is delivered fully online and hybrid. To apply for this program, you must GRE or GMAT.

  1. Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, MD


This Private institution offers her master’s in public management, it requires her students to complete their core courses online and others in evening program, to complete this program you must have passed through five core courses, six electives, and a capstone project, her core courses includes economics, research methods, and financial management. 

 This program is delivered fully through Hybrid (online/on campus), to be admitted for this program you must have a GPA of 3.0. 

  1. University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, FL


This public university prepares her students for employment or career advancement, it also includes a real life experience, it gives her students option for dual degree criminal justice or nonprofit management.  It has 9 core courses and a capstone project, where it aims at building her students to embrace team work.  This program is fully offered online synchronously and asynchronously. 

  1. Florida International University

Location: Miami, FL


This public university, and her master of public administration has degree concentration in Human resources management; public management; homeland security and emergency management; nonprofit and community development; comparative and international public administration, 

To be admitted into this institution you must have GRE or GMAT this for applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.25.

  1. California State University – Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA

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This institution is a public university, it uses the cohort model for her classes where it real-time interaction among working professional, it also offers her program asynchronously.  This program is fully hybrid either online or on campus, using synchronous and asynchronous methods. 

  1. Texas A&M University – College Station

Location: College Station, TX


This institution through her Bush School of Government and Public Service, offers a non-thesis executive master of public service and administration, it offers her students concentration in Homeland security; nonprofit management; public management, this program is through hybrid online or on campus, it requires you to have at least five years’ experience at work.

  1. Villanova University

Location: Villanova, PA


This is a private university, it prepares her students through her core area of concentration which are Public administration; nonprofit management; city management, to take up administrative and leadership planning jobs.  This program is 100% online through asynchronous means.

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