Best Private Colleges in Minnesota USA

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Best Private colleges in Minnesota USA

In case you’re considering of studying in the best private colleges in Minnesota, you’ve come to the right place, Minnesota is ranked among the best states in the US in terms of economy and health, which is attributed to the quality of education they offer, it is home of high quality colleges and universities in the country. Which makes studying in any of her universities unique.

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1. Carleton College

LOCATION: Northfield, MN

Website: www.carleton.edu 

It was founded in 1866, as a non-denomination institutions owned by the general conference of churches in Minnesota, it is the 4th oldest private university, Minnesota. It was the first college in US to accept a Japanese-American from the intern camp Nisei. In 1949, the college celebrated the graduation of the first black students. they have a student’s faculty ratio of 9:1, with a student’s population of 2000, with about 30 majors.

2. Macalester College

LOCATION: Saint Paul, MN

Website: www.macalester.edu 

It was founded in 1874 by Reverend Edward Duffield Neill. It has about 2,108 studying in its 63 majors, it has a student’s faculty ratio of 10:1. It was ranked no 7 in the nation for a strong commitment to teaching by US news.

3. Saint Olaf College

LOCATION: Northfield, MN

Website: www.wp.stolaf.edu

This institution has a student’s faculty ratio of 12: 1, with a student’s population of 3,046. It has about 85 Major’s. It earned the top ten in Mathematics & Statistics, Religion & Theology, Education, Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences. 

4. Saint John’s University

LOCATION: Collegeville, MN

Website: www.sbju.edu 

This institution was founded in 1857 by monks of the Benedictine abbey of St John, for candidates preparing for priesthood and was later merged with d College of Saint Benedict (CSB) a female college, to be a coeducational institution. It has a student’s population of 4,000 students and has 36 undergraduate majors, with a student’s faculty ratio of 12: 1. The institution has a solar energy farm.

5. Concordia College at Moorhead

Location: Fargo-Noorhead, MN

Website: www.concordiacollege.edu 

This institution was founded in 1891 by early Norwegian settlers with the assistance of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). It has a student’s population of 2100, with a student’s staff ratio of 11:1. And offers 70 Academic programs.

6. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Location: Winona, MN

Website: www.smumn.edu 

This institution is owned by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and was founded in 1912, it also offers online programs too. It has a student’s population of 5900 in its undergraduate, bachelor completion, masters and doctoral student’s programs. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 13:1. Currently it partners with the mayo clinic to offer a physician assistant program.

7. Hamline University

LOCATION: Saint Paul, MN

Website: www.hamline.edu 

It was the first university in Minnesota, founded in 1851 by the authorities of the territory in collaboration and sponsorship with the United Methodist. This institution has 40 undergraduate programs and 11 graduate programs. With a faculty ratio of 13:1. This institution makes it compulsory for her students to do over 150,000 hours of community service annually and also complete an internship, collaborative research, a service learning project or field-based research

8. Augsburg College/University

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

Website: www.augsburg.edu 

It was founded in 1869 by the early Norwegian settlers Evangelical Lutheran Church with aim of training ministers, great theologians and business minded individuals. It has a student’s staff ratio of 12:1

9. The College of Saint Scholastica


Website: www.css.edu 

This is a Catholic college founded by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, this institution is Renowned for its strictness in their programs in healthcare. With a student’s faculty ratio of 15:1. It has 13 locations.

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10. Saint Catherine University

LOCATION: Saint Paul, MN

Website: www.state.edu 

It was founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet in 1911, and has two campus St. Paul, Minnesota and Minneapolis Minnesota. It was the first Catholic college to have a phi beta chapter in 1937. It has a student’s population of 4700 and students staff ratio of 11:1. The university supports her local community in terms of her healthcare and nursing programs and also assists local division students.

This ranking of the best private colleges and universities in Minnesota was compiled bearing in the mind the research capacity of every institution, the resources used in the teaching and faculty student’s ratio, and finally the institutions reputation.

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