Best Private Universities And Colleges in Ohio

Best Private Universities And Colleges in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, a lot of universities exist both private, religious and public, each of the universities doing her best to bring out something unique, the state alone has one of the best private universities in the US, which confuses her potential applicants on which to choose, we compiled this list of best private universities and colleges in Ohio, with reference to their research capacity and citations of each institution

  1. University of Dayton



This is a renowned Catholic liberal arts university, this institution is prominent for her engineering programs and STEM research’s, this great prepares her students for leadership and research through her unique approaches to programs in science, this institution through her various centers helps students build up their résumés.

  1. Oberlin College


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This is a liberal arts four-year college, it among the most affordable universities in Ohio, it is also a selective institution but has a high graduate rate. This institution creates a conducive environment for her students to channel and utilize their innovative skills to better the society, through research involvement and practical education. It has mainly Programs in College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music thou it offers about 50 degree programs.

  1. Case Western Reserve University

LOCATION: Cleveland, OH


This is a private research institution, that aims at training students who are research oriented in the fields of biology and medicine to technology and engineering, who can utilize and combine laboratory hours with lectures to innovatively create something that can better the society and solve a problem.

  1. Kenyon College



This institution is a small liberal arts university, this institution has a student’s population of 1800 and an academic staff population of 200. This great institution affords her students the opportunity to learn 11 foreign languages, access different materials from her two libraries and also be involved in research where they can publish their works in her Kenyon Review literary journal, it also provides faculty support to her students.

  1. Xavier University

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH


This is a renowned small Catholic university, owned by the members of the Jesuit order. This institution has a job placement of 91% which makes it easy for her students to apply for jobs in nearby corporations. It exposes her students to community services in about 60 agencies, with aims of preparing them to value their various communities and do all it takes to better them. It offers financial grants and scholarships to her students, thou its tuition fee is very high.

  1. The College of Wooster



This institution places emphasis in research, where it aims at training her undergraduate students who can think critically, innovatively and manage projects through her research centres like Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Scholars Program which can boast their employability rate and also build independent society builder’s.

  1. Ohio Northern University



This university is affiliated to the Methodist church, this institution builds students to be successful but career wise and academically, it also encourages her students to adhere to values of goodness, truth, and beauty. It also offers major in Advertising Design, Forensic Biology, International Theatre, Manufacturing Technology, Multimedia Journalism etc. And pre-professional programs like optometry, physical therapy etc.

  1. Denison University

LOCATION: Granville, OH

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This institution is renowned for her commitment to student’s success through her commitment to her student’s innovative skills and research involvement, where it aims at making them become leaders in whatever place they find themselves.

  1. Wittenberg University

LOCATION: Springfield, OH


This great institution pushes her students beyond their academic and life limit in order to produce resourceful citizens, through her personalized mentoring, Student’s guidance in their first years, it aims at producing leaders, also it involves her students in community services to gain experience and also help in building their resume. 

  1. University of Mount Union

LOCATION: Alliance, OH


This institution is a liberal arts institution with origin traced to the Methodist church, this institution through her theme clusters aims at building students in art, health, technology, ethics, culture, the environment, philosophy, and more to expand their knowledge, horizon and be innovative and be responsible citizens.

 having seen how unique each universities program is, you see why we called it the best private colleges in Ohio, the only remaining for you is to click the link and apply.

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