Best Universities And Colleges in Lexington, Kentucky

Best Universities And Colleges in Lexington, Kentucky

The city of Lexington is the second largest city in the state of Kentucky, and also the 28th largest city in US by land Mass, it is also known as the horse capital city of the world, with a horse park, the reed mile and keen eland race course. This city alone ranks 10th in College education among US cities, with 39.5% of her residents having a bachelor’s degree.  Studying in this city has a lot to offer you, like museums, library etc. Which made us to compile a list of the best universities and colleges in Lexington, Kentucky

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  1. University of Kentucky

LOCATION: Lexington, KY

Website: http://www.uky.edu/ 

This is a public research land grant university whose main aim is to create solutions for the problems facing local institutions, founded in 1865 as a mechanical and agricultural college, currently it has a student’s population of 30,000. This institution has 15 great libraries and offers about 93 undergraduate degrees and 120 master’s program in about 16 colleges.  It has a class capacity of 20 and a student’s faculty ratio of 12: 1. 

  1. Transylvania University

LOCATION: Lexington, KY

Website: http://www.transy.edu/ 

This institution is a private liberal arts university and was initially founded as a seminary in 1780 in the Appalachian Mountains, and it is the first university in Kentucky with a student’s population of 1050, it has a faculty staff ratio of 11: 1.  It has about 40 Major’s, 39 minors and a dual program in engineering. It prepares her students to think critically and independently, communicate across specialties, be socially responsible.

Other universities around Lexington Kentucky

The following universities surrounds the city of Lexington and are ranked according o best

  1. Berea College


Website: http://www.berea.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington: 35 miles

This university was founded in 1855, to be a tuition free institution, it offers 32 degree programs and has a student’s staff ratio of 10: 1. This university provides job for students who are on free tuition to work.

  1. Centre College

LOCATION: Danville, KY

Website: http://www.centre.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington: 32 Miles

This is renowned liberal arts college ranked among 50 in the country founded in 1819.  It has about 26 majors with a student’s staff ratio of 10.5: 1. It encourages her students to participate in team research work. It offers study abroad programs and a dual degree program in engineering with renowned universities.

  1. Georgetown College

LOCATION: Georgetown, KY

Website: http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington: 12 miles north of Lexington

This is a Baptist small liberal arts college and was founded in 1829. It has a student’s population of 1000 and has a student’s staff ratio of 13:1. 

  1. Asbury University


Website: http://www.asbury.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington: 15-16 miles south of Lexington

This a multidenominational institution, it offers about 54 undergraduate programs in her 14 academic departments, with an undergraduate student’s population of 1,300 and a student’s staff ratio of 13:1.

  1. Kentucky State University

LOCATION: Frankfort, KY

Website: http://www.kysu.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington: 22 miles

This is a black Land Grant, liberal arts institution founded in 1886 to train black teachers who can teach in black schools. it has an undergraduate student’s population of 2200 and has a student’s staff ratio of 11: 1. 

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  1. Eastern Kentucky University

LOCATION: Richmond, KY

Website: http://www.eku.edu/ 

Distance to Lexington:  21 miles

This institution was founded in 1906 as a teachers training college, it has a student’s population of 14,000 undergraduates and 2,400 graduate.  It has a student’s staff ratio of 16: 1. 

Lexington Kentucky offers you one of the best college experience you will ever get, your dream of studying in this great city is gradually being achieved. 

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