Best Universities And Colleges In Lincoln Nebraska

Best Universities And Colleges In Lincoln Nebraska

The city of Lincoln is the home of the state government and has a flourishing economy, with low cost of living and a friendly atmosphere that welcomes both foreigners and citizens of US, this city has the most highly educated workforce ready to build your economy by expanding and developing it. Leading industries in the city are education, government, health care, banking and insurance, its agriculture and manufacturing also boasts of employment, this great city has is one of the best places to live, its universities are listed among the best in the country, which is why we compiled a list of the best universities and colleges in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    The city of Lincoln, is a great city for students to live in due to the following unique features it has like it has one of the cheapest healthcare access in the US, for those who are in love with bicycle riding, it has a bicycle friendly community, and among the top 20- Americas thriving cities. The institutions are listed below

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Bryan College of Health Sciences
  • Union College
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University

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 1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Website: https://www.unl.edu/ 

This is the oldest and largest university in the state of Nebraska, chartered two years after its statehood, it offers about 150 majors and 20 professional programs in her 9 college, which includes law, agricultural sciences, architecture, arts and science, business, education and human science, engineering etc. It is a public research institutions and a member of the big ten conference. It is among the 100 safest universities in America. And also military times best college in America.

2. Bryan College of Health Sciences


Website: https://www.bryanhealthcollege.edu/bcohs/ 

This institution is specifically for those who wish to pursue a career in health science, it is a private nonprofit small college, it offers programs in Biomedical Sciences, Healthcare Studies, Nursing, and Sonography/Ultrasound etc., its tuition fee is cheap. It inculcates practical and experience to her students, in order to aid them have a practical skill. It is among the top nursing institutions in Nebraska in nursing, this institution has a student’s staff ratio of 9:1, its nursing program has a 100% NCLEX pass rate.

3. Union College


Website: https://ucollege.edu/ 

This institution is affiliated to the seventh day Adventist school system. It houses the states abotereum. It was founded in 1891, with an undergraduate students enrollment of about 1000, in about 8 academic divisions which includes Business and Computer Science, Emergency Management and Exercise Science, Fine Arts, Human Development, Humanities, Nursing, Religion, Science & Math, with a student’s staff ratio of 9:1.

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4. Nebraska Wesleyan University


Website: https://www.nebrwesleyan.edu/ 

This institution is ranked as the best liberal arts university in Nebraska, it offers programs to her students irrespective of faith. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 13:1, with a student’s body if about 2000, in her 100 programs spread across arts, science, and pre-professional programs.

The city of Lincoln has the best university and colleges and has a student’s friendly environment, which is why you need to click the link to its institution and apply.

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