BMW Group Internship

BMW Group Internship

BMW Group Internship

Whenever it comes to internship, lots of students are always worried on which one to chose especially those in the field of engineering and technology, little or no information have been provided on the various internship program available to them, the BMW group internship program is open to undergraduate, graduate’s and doctorate students. 

The BMW group company has maintained her mission of developing her intern’s passion, creativity, breakthrough and idea’s running through century’s, this group has trained millions of students to develop their knowledge in different areas of life, currently with the recent shift to  cable cats and E commerce,  the BMW group is expecting an increase in the number of interns. 

Partaking in BMW group internship, will greatly impact your knowledge and build up your career in lots of Fields, this internship program has options for non Germans to visit their company and gain skills and knowledge in automobile design’s which will be needed to help in developing her country, this internship program is open to all and doesn’t require the compulsory English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS etc.

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About the BMW Group Internship

The BMW group internship program is fully funded for students interested in gaining a real life skills, knowledge and this internship program is open to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students who wish to build their skills and get acquainted with automobile design’s.  This company has its presence in more than 140 countries, but manufactures her car in five countries with a strong and large work force of about 126.06 employees.  This internship program lasts for 3months – 1 year. 

Program Options Available

6 months internship program

The BMW group internship program, offers this internship for students both international and domestic, currently enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degree  or has graduated in not less than 12 months to the internship, this internship program is open currently. The duration of this program is 6 months,  Click here for details 

Domestic Internship Program

The program is available to undergraduate students from the US, and helps her undergraduate to test their career,  this internship program lasts for a period of 3 month’s.  They is no set deadline for the internship program. Click here for details 

Performance Management Internship

This internship is aimed helping those interested data analysis, compiling of data reviews. It open to excellent students and especially those in statistics department.  It lasts for 6 month’s click here for details 

Retail Audit and Corporate Compliance Internship

This internship is open to undergraduate and master’s students in the Fields of accounting and auditing, who wish to gain a real life experience in that field. It lasts for a period of 6 month’s. Click here for details 

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Eligibility and selection criteria

To be eligible for this internship program, the candidates must 

  1. Be a masters students or an undergraduate
  2. Must not have spent more than 1 year after graduation
  3. Must have a strong desire to learn
  4. A well written curriculum vitae C.V

Application Details

This internship program is entirely applied online, click here for details 

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