Cheapest Colleges and Universities in California

Cheapest Colleges and Universities in California

California with most of the populous cities in US with her high cost of living, ends of discouraging potential applicants. Thou lots of persons are not aware of the cheapest colleges and universities in the state of California, which is why we have compiled them and the cost of accommodation in some.

  1. San Diego State University–Imperial Valley

Location: Calexico, CA

Website: https://ivcampus.sdsu.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $5,706 

This university is one of the satellite campus of the university and is the cheapest university. It has a student’s population of 883, situated in a perfect location.

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  1. California State University–Monterey Bay

Location: Seaside, CA

Website: https://csumb.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $5,963

 This university has a student’s population of 5,732, this university has about 60 undergraduate degrees. It also has online completion programs.  It also has a great program in the field of information technology.

  1. California State University–Dominguez Hills

Location: Carson, CA

Website: https://www.csudh.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $6,100

 It has a student’s population of about 14,670 in her 40 majors, with multiple concentration. Most applied courses are entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, international business, information systems and marketing. 

  1. California State University–Fullerton

Location: Fullerton, CA

Website: http://www.fullerton.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $6,186

This university with a student’s population of 38,325 enrolled in her about 50 majors, it also has programs which it offers bilingually.  It also offers many strong arts program in dance, design, music, theater. And also offers many volunteer program for her students to participate in community programs.

  1. California State University–Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA

Website: https://www.csulb.edu/ 

Tuition fee:  $6,240

This university with a student’s population of 35,586, it has several opportunities for her students to enroll in community services. 

  1. California State University–Fresno

Location: Fresno, CA

Website: https://www.csufresno.edu/ 

Tuition fee:  $6,287

 This great institution is home to many research centers, with a student’s population of about 23,060. It has specialized research center’s like California Agricultural Technology Institute, California Water Institute, Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute, Institute for Public Anthropology.

  1. California State University–Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Website: http://www.calstatela.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $6,344

This is one of the largest university in the state of California with a student’s population of about 23,258.  It has a great acceptance rate. 

  1. California State Polytechnic University–Pomona

Location: Pomona, CA

Website: https://www.cpp.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $6,350

This great institution with a student’s population of about 22,501, is aimed at equipping her students with many skills.  It aims at training her students to understand and utilize many approaches to problem-solving and creation.

  1. San Francisco State University

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Website: https://www.sfsu.edu/ 

Tuition Fee: $6,450

This university with a student’s population of about 29,905, it also offers many courses  with many minors and concentration. Even thou San Francisco has a high cost of living and accommodation, it offers accommodation at cheap rate to her students to live in.

  1. California State University–Channel Islands

Location: Camarillo, CA

Website: https://www.csuci.edu/ 

Tuition fee: $6,471

This is a small university, and it has a little low accommodation fee, with many program ranging from economics to physics. It has a student’s population of 5,140.

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