Cheapest Colleges in US

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Cheapest Colleges in US

 Studying in US as a foreign students or as a nonresident of the state can be too expensive, even thou public universities are funded by the state tax, but the tuition fee of every institution varies, and most are very high which ends up discouraging potential applicants, but here is the good news, we have provided you with a list of the cheapest Universities in US, to aid your search.

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1. University of Washington


Website: http://washington.edu/ 

This institution is regionally accredited, and a research institution, it serves a student’s population of 54,000 in its 18 schools and colleges. 60% of her undergraduate’s population receive financial assistance worth $400 million and also it offers $250 million on scholarship and grants. It has 17 online programs which are affordable.

2. CUNY Brooklyn College

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

Website: http://brooklyn.cuny.edu/ 

It is the first liberal arts coeducational institutions in new York, it has a student enrollment of of 18000 in her 75 programs in areas of business, education, natural and behavioral science, humanities and social science. It offers affordable tuition, interest-free payment plans, scholarship’s and different financial assistance to her students.

3. Purdue University

LOCATION: West Lafayette, IN

Website: http://purdue.edu/ 

This is a public research university located in Indiana and was established in 1869. It student’s population is 43,000 studying in her 300 programs. It also has an affordable online program. It offers financial grants and scholarships to students, this institution also offers credit for student’s work experience, it also gives tuition discounts to employees of partner corporations. 46% of her students receive financial aids

4. University of Florida

LOCATION: Gainesville, FL

Website: http://ufl.edu/ 

It is currently the third largest university in the sunshine state, with a student’s population of 52,000. It offers about 100 undergraduate majors and 200 graduate programs. It offers 20 majors in her online programs and 5 minors, which they deliver asynchronously.it program in engineering focuses on diversity.

5. Oklahoma State University

LOCATION: Stillwater, OK

Website: http://okstate.edu/ 

This institution was established in 1890, they have 300 undergraduate program and 200 graduate programs in five campuses. It is the most evolved STEM institutions. It is one of the six Sun grant universities in the nation. They also offer 30 affordable degree programs online.

6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

LOCATION: Chapel Hill, NC

Website: http://unc.edu/ 

This institution is the oldest public university in US, it maintains an affordable and accessible program in her 97 bachelor’s, 103 masters’, and 72 doctoral degrees, offering financial assistance and aids.it has a student’s population of 19,00. They also offer online programs at affordable tuition fee.

7. California State University-Long Beach

LOCATION: Long Beach, CA

Website: http://csulb.edu/ 

This institution is selective and affordable; it has a student’s population of 37,000. It offers online programs to her students at affordable rate, and students can apply through the state distance learning portal CalStateOnine.

8. California State University-Los Angeles

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Website: http://calstatela.edu/ 

This institution has a student’s population of 26000, in her 300 program spread across her eight colleges. 84% of her students receive financial grants and more than half qualify for tuition waivers. It offers affordable online programs.

9. Indiana University-Bloomington

LOCATION: Bloomington, IN

Website: http://iub.edu/ 

It was established in 1820, it serves a population of 48,000 in about 550 programs.  It has 200 undergraduate majors online. About 64% of her students are in financial grants or university.  It affords resources to her students to aid their research.

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10. University of Illinois at Chicago


Website: http://uic.edu/ 

This is the only public university in the city and was founded in 1982, it has 16/academic divisions, with a well-regarded hospital and medical school. It offers 86 undergraduate programs in liberal arts, life science and arts. Its online programs are also affordable.

Your dreams of studying in the US, is gradually becoming a reality, as the list of the cheapest university is aimed to help you, achieve your dream.

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