Colleges with no Application Fees in Texas

There are good colleges you can get your academic degree in Texas that do not require an application fee from applicants who wants to study in the institution. These colleges are colleges good enough for any student to get your degree.

Most students have problems with applying for several universities that require an application fee which could amount to $150 or more each, yet they fail to get admitted into those institutions after all the money spent. This is one of the good reasons we have researched and brought you these institutions in Texas that do not require any application fee for you to apply and kickstart your journey to getting the treasured academic degree.

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Colleges with no Application Fees in Texas

#LeTourneau University

LeTourneau is a private small university which is situated in Longview, Texas. It’s famous majors inculcates Mechanical Engineering, Business and Elementary Education. This institution has about 1400 undergraduate students enrolled.

#Trinity University

This is a #1 ranked liberal arts college in San Antonio, Texas. Trinity University is a private university based prominently on quality of undergraduate teaching.

In this institution, you can get your academic degrees in computer science, leadership and business. It’s worth trying out.

#Southwestern University

Southwestern University is one of the universities in Texas that has an application fee waiver on them. It is not the biggest of institutions in Texas with it’s undergraduate enrollment of about 1300 students.

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Their Majors include Communications, Psychology and Business. It’s location is in Georgetown, Texas.

#St. Mary’s University

This is a Catholic university with no application fee in texas. It is located in San Antonio, Texas.

In St. Mary’s, students get the quality education they deserve and their popular majors include Kinesiology, Psychology, Biology and Exercise science. There are about 2300 students enrolled in the institution with it’s acceptance rate of 80%.

#University of St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a good university in Texas that offers students an application fee waiver. It’s popular majors are Nursing, Biology, Humanities and Liberal Arts. There are little number of students in this university when compared to that of St. Mary’s.

#Austin College

Austin College is one college in Texas that prepares ambitious students for high-flying careers. They have a learning-by-doing approach of education which helps the students to be very ready for what lies ahead in their various career paths.

You don’t need an application fee to kickstart your dream of becoming a student or graduate of this institution. Here you have the benefit of saving up the application fees you would have paid and using it more more important things like your tuition fees.

#Texas A&M International University

This is a public institution of mid-size located in Laredo, Texas. So far, this institution have more number of students of about 5200 enrolled.

Texas A&M International University has popular majors which inculcates Business, Police & Criminal Science and Psychology. This university graduates 44% of their students each year and you can become on of them in the long run.

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#Texas A&M University – Commerce

Texas A&M University – commerce is a public more than average university situated in Commerce, Texas. It’s Majors include Psychology, Business, Liberal Arts as well as Humanities.

They have more students than Texas A&M Inernational University with an estimated 6,066 undergraduate students.

#The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

UT – Rio Grande Valley offers applicants an application fee waiver. It is a public university located in Edinburg, Texas in the Brownsville Area.

It is a the largest institution in this list with an enrollment of about 18,647 undergraduate students. The UT – Rio Grande Valley’s Popular majors include Psychology, Biology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration.

#Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan is one of the colleges with no application fee in Texas. It is a small Christian university with situated in Forth Worth, Texas.

Their majors inculcates Psychology, Liberal Arts and Humanities, as well as Business. They graduate about 35% of their stidents every year.

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