Apply Now: Sponsored Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporting on Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery in Thailand 2020

Thomson Reuters Foundation invitations applications for the funded coverage on Human trafficking and modern slavery in Kingdom of Thailand, in 2020. As well as coming back away with a deep understanding of the dimensions, nature and causes of the matter, participants can study efforts to line world standards for combating …

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Report from Thomson Reuters Foundation on Immunization for Journalists in Georgia 2020

Thomson Reuters Foundation and also the poliovirus vaccine Institute invitations applications for the funded reportage on protection in Georgia, in 2020. Traditional main-stream and social media channels got to be mobilised and galvanized to effectively combat the unfold of info and educate their audiences on the advantages of vaccines, however …

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The International AIDS Society (IAS) Scholarship Programme in USA 2020

The International AIDS Society (IAS) offers the AIDS 2020 scholarship programme to support one,600 delegates to attend the conference in San Francisco and metropolis. Conference organizers are committed to making sure that resource-constrained settings and people are diagrammatic at AIDS 2020. In prioritizing the participation within the programme of teams and people from these settings, the conference creates pathways for the direct dissemination of knowledge domain and best …

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