Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship at University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham within the Britain invitations applications for the Master’s scholarships for a world future open for international students UN agency are a national of (or for good domiciled in) Africa, Asian nation or one in every of the countries of the Commonwealth within the 2020/21 academic term.

Founded in 2001, Developing Solutions is that the University of Nottingham’s flagship international scholarship programme for postgraduate masters courses.

The Nottingham University have a conducive environment for learning and this scholarship transforms lives through:

  1. Developing practiced, reflective world voters and leaders
  2. Undertaking elementary and transformative discovery
  3. Being committed to excellence, enterprise and social responsibility
  4. Sustaining and rising the places and communities during which we have a tendency to are settled
  5. Being engaged internationally to reinforce business, health and well-being, policy formation, culture and purposeful citizenship

Value description: 

Scholarships are offered for 2020 entry:

  • 100% tuition fee, and
  • 50% of tuition fees

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

You can apply for this scholarship if you:

are a national of (or for good domiciled in) Africa, India, OR one in every of the countries of the Commonwealth listed below
are classed as a foreign student for fee functions
have not already studied outside of your home country
are not presently finding out at a University of Nottingham field or don’t seem to be a University of Nottingham graduate
hold a suggestion to begin a regular masters degree programme (excluding MRes), at Nottingham for Gregorian calendar month 2020 in a vicinity of study among the:
Faculty of Engineering,
Faculty of medication and Health Sciences,
Faculty of Science,
Faculty of Social Sciences

Application Deadline:  May 01, 2020.

Application details:

You must apply for and receive a suggestion to check regular masters (excluding MRes) before applying for this scholarship.
When you have received your supply to check with them, you’ll be able to apply through the scholarships section of their application system, MyNottingham.

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  1. Am Deng Atem Akok 38 years old south Sudanese interesting in doing my master at your university. I graduated at the university of juba 7 years ago and completed post graduate diploma in 2019 in the field of education specialising in English language and literature.

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