Best 5 Digital Marketing Degree in Florida

Digital Marketing Degree in Florida

Best 5 Digital Marketing Degree in Florida

 Florida being the fourth largest economy and it is also a leader in banking services, finance, real estate, healthcare research, aerospace and defense, with many awards for being the best in business, majority of the Jobs in Florida needs at least a digital marketing degree

Some persons are often seen wondering the answers to the following questions and area of confusion.

What is Digital Marketing?

This field also called online marketing is currently on high demand as a result of their unique role in the area of E-commerce, it us the promotion of brands and products to connect with potential customers using the internet, different forms if digital communication. Digital marketing employs not only e-mail, social media, and web based advertisements and finally multimedia channels which can be employed in the area of digital marketing.  This area is divided into 7 categories namely Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics. Digital marketing employs the following to reach out to her customers and clients where her aims are normally to make sure it gets its individual personally, the 4ps are process, people, platform, and performance. 

How Many Higher Institutions are there in Florida? 

Florida alone has about 60 public, private and community college, and many of them which offer a digital marketing degree, currently about 11 schools in Florida awards a degree in digital marketing, and majority of this universities offer her programs online.

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What is the Average Salary of a Digital Marketer?

Florida is one of the state that places much emphasis on digital marketing, most of  her  jobs are even above national average. The salaries for some digital marketers are listed below annually

  • Social Media Analyst: $57,608
  • Marketing Specialist: $65,628
  • Marketing Manager: $96,016
  • Marketing Director: $129,127
  • Chief Marketing Officer: $216,212 
  1. Florida Institute of Technology-Online



This private research university was established in 1958, it has a student’s population of about 6500, coming from all the 50 states of the united states of America and from about 100 countries.  This university is ranked among the best in the US by Wall Street Journal, Forbes, US News, and Washington Monthly.  This institution thou being affordable places greater emphasis on personal development and personalized instruction. Its students to faculty ratio is 13: 1.  This institution offers both online and on campus program in marketing, its program is designed to accommodate working professional, adult learners with 100% online and flexibility, it builds business professionals and entrepreneurs looking for how to capitalize their potential into latest trends in marketing.  It prepares them for a career in marketing manager, public relations specialist, market research analyst, and advertising manager. 

  1. Florida International University



This university is a public research institution established in 1971, with a total student’s enrollment of about 55000 and about 30,000 in her online platform.  This university is ranked by Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Fortune, Washington Monthly, and US News among the best in the united states of America, it has a student’s faculty ratio of 26:1.  It has encouraged a vibrant, intimate and collaborative learning while balancing the liberal Art’s education,  it offers three online program that have marketing aspirants in interest, which are  BA in Communication Studies; BS in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication; and a Bachelor’s of Business in Marketing which is customized to fit the interest of the marketing students,  all her courses are flexible,  through her online platform it encourage and supports  group discussion threads, live chats, and video conferencing to simulate in-class instruction.

3. Lynn University



This great university was established in 1962, it has a student’s population of about 2900, with her students coming from about 100 different countries, and an increasing population of online students. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 20:1. This university combines a vibrant, and a collaborative learning environment with individualized and real world learning.  Most of her programs are flexible, and accommodates a full time and part time students, with an online platform.  It exposes her students to gain knowledge in courses like Persuasion and Propaganda, Communication Law & Ethics, and Advertising, Public Relations and Society.

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  1. Saint Leo University



This private Catholic university was established in 1889, it has a student’s population of about 6000, with more than 60% of her students enrolled online, her students faculty ratio is around 14:1.  This university Foster’s an intimate class, individualized and tight learning environment, its marketing degree is offered online and on campus, in graduate and undergraduate program. 

  1. Full Sail University



 This university was established in 1979, it is a private institution, it has a student’s enrollment of about 1500, it places emphasis on career in creative fields, currently it has 80 certificate, associate, bachelor, and master programs, her program in digital marketing places emphasis on building her students interest in marketing, advertising, media, design, and entertainment, and it has a class staff ratio of 23:1. 

 Digital marketing degree is becoming a hot cake in terms of its impact and how it falls into the area in high demand currently, many jobs needs a certificate in that area.

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