Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

  The thought of studying outside your own country may send butterflies into your head, especially when such country is developed.

 True, sometimes, we all wish to experience life beyond the comfort of our country, to have a broader view of the world. And studying abroad does just that. 

   But as good as studying abroad may seem, it comes along with its cons which is the body of this article.

What does studying abroad mean? 

  Studying abroad simply means having your traditional education in a country other than yours. It requires 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad? 

  Some often burn with the desire of studying abroad, hoping there lies their academic breakthrough.

  Well, if you are of this mind set, this article is for you. I will be giving some reasons why studying abroad should be the last option. 

   If you wish to study outside your country, you should be ready for a turn around of things. The fact that it is not your country, is enough reason for you to prepare for any circumstance. 

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 Below are some disadvantages of studying abroad:


  • Language Barrier


   Language is a powerful tool which aids communication and of course, learning. But because the world is filled with diverse languages, studying abroad may sometimes be difficult. 

  If a Chinese wish to study in the United States, already there is a problem, and it’s language barrier. In China, Mandarin  is the official language and in the United States, English. 

 So for such individual to study conveniently in the United States, he would have to first learn and become fluent in English language. And mastering a language is not a day’s work.

  • High Cost Of Studying

  Virtually all schools across the world require its international students to pay almost twice as much the tuition of its local student. This, coupled with housing, transport and feeding and other expenses makes the cost of studying abroad quite high. 

 This in contrast to studying in your country requires less expenses. The money that would have been spent to board a flight could be used for something else. 

  So when planning to study abroad, make sure this is considered. 


  • Transportation Risks


  Traveling to another country may take hours depending on its location. And the higher the complexity of the vehicle the higher the risk involved. 

  Record holds several cases of plane malfunction and crashes in the course of traveling. Accidents like this are usually ghastly and fatal.

 This is not to scare you if you’ve planned to study abroad but should only be a consideration. 

  • Unfavorable Weather Conditions

  When one travels abroad, especially to a very cold region, one may find it hard to adapt to such condition. This is another disadvantage. 

 Because of this, learning can be difficult, as one might fall sick often. Some students, after much expenses, are deported to their country owing to their poor health status. 

  So if you’re suffering from Hypothermia or any other cold related diseases, I’ll advice you shouldn’t study abroad, especially in very cold  region. 


  • Racism


  Racism has been in existence for as long as we can remember. And till now, it’s still dominant in some part of the world. Especially in the white countries. 

  Africans who study in Europe may sometimes face this challenge. They may be considered as inferior among their mates. 

  This is not a good thing as it can affect not only their education but also their mentality and self esteem. As we speak some international students are being faced with racism. 

  So before opting for a school abroad, consider this. 

  • Cultural Barriers

  Cultural values are different for every country. The food, dress sense, lifestyle etc, all constitutes a country’s culture. Surprisingly, this may come as a barrier to studying. 

  Since you are an international student, your culture will of course, be different from theirs. And because yours is different, you might be treated as an outcast thereby loosing your sense of belonging. 

  This will directly or indirectly affect your academic and stay abroad. 


  • Loneliness


 Yes, loneliness is another big disadvantage. It has a greater effect on students who are emotional and those who find it difficult to make friends easily. 

 The thought of not seeing your siblings or parents or friends for years may trigger loneliness. These thoughts make such students vulnerable to getting carried away in class. 

  The chances of this happening in your own country is slim as they are all within reach. So when making decisions to study abroad, consider this. 


  • Problems With Degree Credibility


  After obtaining a degree in an abroad institution, getting a job might not be that easy.

  This is usually the case when a white person study as an international student in an African country. 

  After his program, he might not be able to secure a quality job in his hometown with his obtained degree. This is because most African countries are considered as developing countries. 

  This is the reverse when a Black person study as an international student in a white man’s land. 

  • Corona Virus Pandemic

  The new Corona virus (Covid-19 or Sars-Cov-2) has posed a serious global challenge which includes studying abroad. To understand this better, I’m compelled to divert a little:

 This virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China late 2019, December to be precise. 

  Since then, countries across the world began taking precautions to avert this respiratory disease. But as of March 2020, the virus had hit virtually every country. Hitting the white Countries the most, especially the United States. 

 Because this, student aspiring to study abroad, probably in the United States, are exposed to the risk of getting infected with this virus. This has been a major setback.

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  • Inability To Attend Emerging Family Issues


 The fact that you’re a long way from home makes it impossible for you to quickly attend emerging family issues.

 This makes it difficult for you to attend a relative’s funeral, your parents birthday or anniversary ceremony and all other get-together events.

 When you keep missing moments like this, you might gradually get disconnected from your family. 

  If it were to be in one’s own country, memorable moments like this cannot be missed. 

Wrapping up

  I hope after carefully reading this article, you have been exposed to the cons of advancing your education abroad. Well, does it mean you shouldn’t study abroad when the opportunity comes? The choice is yours.

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