Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Master in Chemical NanoEngineering 2020

The European Union is giving Scholarships for the theologian Mundus Master in Chemical NanoEngineering programme in 2020/21 session.

The CNE program could be a joint master program in Chemical Nanoengineering offered by 3 European universities:

Aix-Marseille University (France)
Tor Vergata Roma University (Rome)
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland)
Chemistry for Nanoengineering is Associate in Nursing innovative field of science and technology that is developing in no time. The 2016 laurels in Chemistry shows the importance of the analysis during this space. it’s shown that engineering of the Nanomachines isn’t from now on a science-fiction; it’s simply a starting of latest engineering specialty wherever the Nano-systems is numerically designed and with chemicals synthesized. These new technologies can produce an outsized demand for specialists during this field.

All courses are schooled in English, therefore proficiency in English is needed. 2 of the Partners are engineering Universities (PL and IT), that is vital for the program goals towards excellence in nano-engineering innovation. The third partner (FR) encompasses a sturdy chemical nano-science profile which can permit them to show their students the chemical fundamentals throughout the primary semester in Marseille. The complementarity among the 3 partners plays a key role incoherence of the joint program:

The first year of studies (Marseille, then Wroclaw) is common for all students. the primary semester of the second year (Rome) permits the scholars to settle on between 2 options: experimental one and numerical one.

The Master thesis research (30 ects, Marseille, Wroclaw, Rome or one amongst the Partner Institution) is meant to bring the coed in shut contact with a international and multidisciplinary research atmosphere of a groundwork institute in world or in business. the coed will opt for among the list of planned relevant research and add shut collaboration with different researchers. The research is finalized with a show of a Master’s Thesis in Marseille in Sep. The Master Thesis project is evaluated by Associate in Nursing external international jury.

Value description: 

The amount of the scholarships (monthly allowance + contribution to Travel and Installation) given to the chosen students disagree from the country of origin of the scholars.

There are 2 classes of students:

  • PROGRAMME Countries students: Students whose citizenship is one amongst the Erasmus+ Program countries (ie Member States of the ecu Union (EU) and Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, European nation, Turkey).
  • PARTNER Countries students: All the scholars United Nations agency don’t seem to be Programme Countries students.
    Contribution to subsistence prices

Monthly allowance for subsistence prices given to the awarded students throughout the two-years Master program is: a thousand €/month.

Contribution to the travel and installation prices

The contribution to Travel and Installation prices given to the awarded students is:

  • 1.000€ per annum for scholarship holders resident in an exceedingly Programme Country.
  • 2.000€ per annum for travel prices + one.000€ for installation prices for scholarship holders resident in an exceedingly Partner Country whose location is settled at but four.000km from Marseille (for the calculation of the gap follow the link).
  • 3.000€ per annum for travel prices + one.000€ for installation prices for scholarship holders resident in an exceedingly Partner Country whose location is settled at over four.000km from Marseille (for the calculation of the gap follow the link).
    Contribution to the Participation prices

The contribution to Participation prices given to the awarded students is:

  • 4.500€ per annum for scholarship holder if national of the Programme Country.
  • 9.000€ per annum for scholarship holder if national of the Partner Country.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

  • GPA (Grade purpose Average) of a minimum of 75% of the dimensions most is needed
  • A good command of English should be certified
  • The students United Nations agency are residents or have dole out their main activity (studies, coaching or work) for over a complete of twelve months over the last five years in any Programme Country are thought-about as Programme country students. The 5-years reference amount for this twelve months rule is calculated backwards as from the submission point of applying for Associate in Nursing EMJMD student scholarship.
  • Individuals United Nations agency have already benefited from Associate in Nursing EMJMD scholarship don’t seem to be eligible for a second scholarship so as to follow constant or another EMJMD.
  • Students taking advantage of Associate in Nursing EMJMD scholarship cannot get pleasure from another Community grant whereas following their theologian Mundus masters studies.
  • EMJMD students scholarships are awarded solely for a regular entering in one amongst the course editions.

Application Deadline: February 16, 2020

Application details:

Application for this programme is on-line through their web site

A complete application file should include:

  • Your complete and up-dated CV (European format),
  • Officially certified copies and translations into English of your diplomas (please send a scanned version by e-mail). Please note that elite students are asked to bring the first diplomas once incoming in Europe,
  • Certified English translation of transcripts of your tutorial grades,
  • Motivation letter,
  • Officially certified document of language take a look at (copy of the TOEFL/IELTS score report, or equivalent) if you’re not graduated from a University wherever English is that the teaching language,
  • Scanned copy of your passport or the other ID AND a symbol for determinative your legal residency,
  • Photograph,
  • Two recommendation letters,
  • Essay on nano-engineering (4 pages maximum).


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