Full List of Online Business Degree in Florida

Online Business Degree in Florida

Full List of Online Business Degree in Florida

 Majority of the institutions in Florida are into online education, and one might ask where those who have business degree in their program, which is why in order to answer this your question we have compiled a list of online business degree in Florida.

  1. Nathan M Bisk College of Business- Florida Institute of Technology

Location: Melbourne, Florida.

Website: https://www.fit.edu/business/

 This institution through her business college offers and awards degrees in about 23 fields of business, this institution aims at building potential leaders in the field of business, it also Foster’s the creation of leaders who are responsible and can integrate ethical components of business into their business. It has many study abroad options in countries like Spain, Netherlands and Oxford, England, it awards associate, undergraduate, masters and PhD degree in business. It has about five research centers ABTA Institute, Assessment Resources, Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development, Center for Ethics and Leadership, and Center for Lifecycle & Innovation Management.

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  1. Donald R. Tapia School of Business- Saint Leo University

Location: Saint Leo University

Website: https://www.saintleo.edu/about-online-learning/ 

This university is a Catholic university, it also known as the largest Catholic business school in the United States, and it us the best online business school in Florida, it has about 40 study centres where one can earn her Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Science from, this university has about five bachelor of business and five bachelor of science programs, 

Bachelors of business program includes

  • logistics
  • management,
  • marketing, 
  • project management
  • Accounting

Human resource management

Bachelor of science programs are 

  • computer information systems
  • computing
  • cybersecurity
  • healthcare management
  • human resource management
  1. Lynn’s College of Business and Management – Lynn University

Location: 3601 N Military Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

Website: https://www.lynn.edu/academics/areas-of-study/online-learning/ 

This great Florida business school offers about 12 concentrations and programs in business, in her bachelors, masters and doctorate degree programs, this university has global recognition, It also has options in Aviation Management, Hospitality Management, and International Business. It aims at preparing potential world class leaders in business, it affords you the opportunity to study at your own pace.

  1. The College of Business and Entrepreneurship- Bethune–Cookman University

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

Website: http://www.cookman.edu/academics/schools/COPS// 

This institution through her 3 programs aims at building students who can build business administration and management skills, by making her students involved in lateral and critical thinking and be exposed to the latest technology, in order to transform the business world. 

  1. Warrington College of Business -University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, FL

Website: https://warrington.ufl.edu/ 

This institution aims at building students capable of transforming the business world, it has about 56 different programs in this college, it also aids her students to take up leadership roles in diverse organizations. 

  1. Business School- Everglades University

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Website: https://www.evergladesuniversity.edu/courses/business-administration-programs/ 

This institution offers about 12 different academic programs, it prepares her students to take up administrative, managerial positions in any industry. It gives them privileges of using her online library.

  1. Chapman Graduate School of Business– Florida International University

Location; 11200 South West 8th Street, Miami, Florida

Website: https://www.mba.today/school/florida-international-university 

Through her 8 business programs it prepares her students to compete in the various sectors of business, while expanding their capabilities and breaking new limit’s.  Her online programs give you the room to create your programs to suit you and to complete at your own pace.

  1. Huizenga College of Business – Nova Southeastern University

Location: 3301 College Ave, Davie, FL 33314, United States

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Website: http://www.business.nova.edu/UNDERGRADUATE/MANAGEMENT.HTML 

This university through her 13 department, in the college of business in her B.A and B.S level, it is renowned for research, building up of student’s innovation and creative abilities. Her students will complete in four years’.

  1. Florida State University – College of Business

Location: 222 S. Copeland Street, Tallahassee, FL 32306

Website: https://distance.fsu.edu/ 

This university through her college of business offers about 14 programs, it offers the following in her Masters of business administration, a Master of Science in Management Information Systems, her tuition fee is affordable for all. 

  1. Muma College of Business – University of South Florida

Location: 4202 East Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620

Website: https://www.usf.edu/innovative-education/programs/online-programs// 

This institution is one of the best places to run a degree in business in the state of Florida having about 13 academic programs. In her master’s options are in Masters of Public Health for Executives to a PhD in Career & Workforce Education.

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