Fully Funded LPI Summer Internship in United States 2021

Fully Funded LPI Summer Internship in United States 2021

Most persons  who wants to study in the united States of America are always eager because of the country being the world power. Most persons who can’t afford to study in any of their program look for opportunities available like paid internships in order to be able to gain knowledge from the numerous institutions in the United States. The  LPI Summer Internship in United States 2021 is available to students in the field of Physical or Natural science, Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics  to be trained by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston. It is available for undergraduates and graduates who wish to apply.

 The United States of America being the world power and Also housing the universities used as a benchmark in grading other universities has continued to attract many international students. Currently, the total population of international students in the country is around and is expected to grow in the coming years.

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The Lunar and Planetary Institute  LPI internship will be a great opportunity to you as it offers you rich lectures, enrichment activities, career development workshops. This internship program will greatly aid your career and help build you  up for a great future.

About the LPI Summer Internship in United States 2021

This internship is fully funded and is sponsored by the lunar and planetary institute located in Houston,  this program is available to students in their undergraduate and graduate program. The deadline for this program is November 23, 2020. The program will last for 10 Weeks i.e from June 7, 2021–August 13, 2021. 

 This program will cover areas like Physical or Natural science, Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics, and other fields. 

Value description of the LPI Summer Internship in United States 2021

  • A stipend of $7,300 
  • Airfare ticket
  • Travel expenses amounting $500
  • Housing and living expenses are provided
  • Additional support for interns who authored an abstract will be offered so make sure your abstract is OK.

Eligibility and selection Criteria of LPI Summer Internship, USA

  • All domestic and international students are eligible to apply
  • Must be willing to be an intern for 10 weeks
  • Students from all fields can apply but those with majors in  mathematics, Computer Science, Natural or Physical Science, Engineering will be prioritized.
  • gender, age, colour disability race, or religious discrimination will not be a hindering factor as all is free to apply

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  • IELTS/TOEFL is not required as long as you can get an English proficiency letter from your professor.
  • Must provide a career objective and area of scientific interest to be qualified 
  • Must provide available research projects in the firm

 Application Deadline: 23rd November 2020.

Application Details for the LPI summer internship USA 2020

The process involved for this internship is entirely online, and you will be required to upload some documents, to apply click


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