Fully Funded Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

Fully Funded Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

  Many persons have always been eager to study in Switzerland, due to the countries unique approach to education, many are sometimes scared of the cost of living, tuition fees and other expenses that will be covered in order to study they, many are not aware of different scholarship platforms available to students who wish to study in Switzerland, which one of the sims of this work, to provide you with information on different scholarships available to people who wants to study in Switzerland, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is open to students from all nations who wish to study their masters and PhD in Switzerland.

 The Switzerland boasts of students from about 180 countries studying in their various universities, and they is an expected slight increase in the students population in the coming years. Making the country an upcoming in international student’s choice of a study location. It is also the home of the best universities in Europe.

One of the best decisions you will ever make in your life is studying in Switzerland, and this scholarship awards about 500 scholarships to deserving scholars from around the world. This scholarship is renowned in the international community. And its system of application is quite unique.

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About the Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

The Swiss government excellence scholarship can be gotten in Switzerland alone and is open to students who wish to study their Masters, Ph.D./Postdoc/Research Degree in any of the prestigious institutions in Switzerland.  Its deadline varies per country.

This scholarship is available in the following forms and covers many courses, the forms are listed below

  1. Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarships for foreign students
  2. Swiss Government Excellence Ph.D. Scholarships for foreign students

iii. Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarships for foreign researchers

  1. Swiss Government Excellence Art scholarships

 For the research scholarship it is open to students who wish to pursue their PhD program in Switzerland.

While for arts scholarship, who wish to pursue their masters in arts in any of the prestigious institutions in Switzerland.

Value description of Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

This scholarship will cover the following areas for her applicants

  • Monthly stipend
  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Research allowance

Eligibility and selection criteria for the Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

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Application Deadline: This scholarship deadline varies from country to country, the scholarship winners will be announced by May 2021. And click here to know your countries deadline https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/en/home/education/scholarships-and-grants/swiss-government-excellence-scholarships/countries-a-l.html , and https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/en/home/education/scholarships-and-grants/swiss-government-excellence-scholarships/countries-m-z.html

Application details for Swiss Government Scholarship 2021/2022

Application is different for each country, click here to know your countries details https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/en/home/education/scholarships-and-grants/swiss-government-excellence-scholarships.html#1816515618

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