Government of Canada Vanier Canada scholarships 2021

Government of Canada Vanier Canada scholarships 2021

Picking a university to do your graduate and doctoral degree in Canada is not always easy, especially when it comes to tuition fees, cost of living and other expenses, you have to pay for,  and sometimes it ends up discouraging her prospective applicants who are not aware of the various scholarship opportunities offered to students who wish to study in any of the Canadian universities, which lead us to aid your academic journey by compiling a list of all the scholarship’s available to students, thou in this article we will be writing on Vanier Canada scholarships 2021, which available to graduate students who wish to study in any university in Canada.

Canada is currently one of the most popular student’s choice of a study location, as a result of her international student’s policy, the following cities Toronto, queens, Ottawa alone has the largest student’s population. Thou currently student’s population in Canada is around 721,205. According to the countries education ministry they is an expected 70% increase in international students application by end of 2024.

Studying in any of the Canadian universities will offer you great opportunities and experience especially in your Master’s degree and doctoral degree. Most of the universities in Canada a research oriented, and aims at preparing her graduate for employment and to fit the society.

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About Vanier Canada scholarships 2021

 This scholarship is fully funded by the Canadian government, and it is available to students who wish to study their masters and PhD in all fields in any of the Vernier Canada scholarships, it is open to students from Canada, international and residents. This scholarship has a duration of 3 Years, so for those who are into MSc leading to Ph.D. will need extra funding, after the 3 years and it awards about 166 scholarships to deserving international students in any of the courses covered by the scholarship. Its deadline is on Nov 3, 2020.

 The program in the following fields are available in the scholarship

  • Health Research 
  • Natural Sciences, 
  • Engineering Research,
  •  Social Sciences 
  • Humanities Research etc.

The link below also will help you to select courses in the following fields covered in any of the participating institution in Vernier calipers scholarship in Canada


Value description of the Vernier Canada scholarships 2021

This scholarship awards covers the following areas needed for his studies 

  • $50,000 yearly to her candidates
  • Dormitory 
  • Living allowance
  • Research funding

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Eligibility and selection criteria for the Vernier Canada scholarships 2021

  • Canadian citizens and foreign students are free to apply
  • Must be nominated by a Canadian institution to be eligible 

Check here for criteria https://vanier.gc.ca/en/eligibility-admissibilite.html 

Application Deadline: This scholarship portal will be closed by 03, Nov 2020, make sure to apply before then.

Application Details:

To apply for this scholarship, click here to. Apply https://vanier.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html , all process is entirely online, as you will be required to fill some forms online.

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