List of 19 Countries with Free Healthcare

List of 19 Countries with Free Healthcare

Free health care signifies citizens receiving health care services at minimal or no cost, it is often used interchangeably with Universal Health Care, however, the latter provides healthcare insurance to 90% of its citizens.

The quality of a countries health care has a huge impact on the quality of its citizens’ life. As health is wealth, it enhances productivity, longevity, as well as economic development, which is why quality health care is a must.

 Free health insurance seems too good to be true and impossible to achieve however there are countries that engage in this system reducing the cost of health care services for its citizens and making it affordable for them, however, a limit is placed on how this privilege is been used to avoid abuse of it.

List of Countries with Free Health Care Services;

This list comprises 20 countries that offer free healthcare services both for citizens and international students;

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  1. France;  healthcare is largely financed by the government, through the system of national health insurance. They have overtime consistently held the best position for giving the best free health care services according to WHO( World Health Organization). Inclusive in the list is the International students as well, as this provision covers all citizens of France, however when the case of a huge medical bill occurs, the victim/patient is expected to cover part of the bill.
  2. Germany; has the world’s oldest national health insurance scheme dating far back to 1883, they run a decentralized system where the private practice physician provides ambulatory care while the non-profit hospitals provide the majority of inpatient care. German students are well taken care of medically as fees cover the health insurance.
  3. Finland; runs 3 high levels of decentralized public system care, which 76% is taken care of by the local governments (from taxation both local and international) which covers 2/3rd of the medical cost, while the remaining cost is covered by the national insurance system. In 2000 according to a survey conducted by European Commission, Finland occupies the 4th position of EU countries that offers the best and satisfactory health care system and undisputedly has one of the highest ratings of patient treatments and care.
  4. Greece; health care service is coordinated by the Ministry for health and social solidarity, which provides free medical services to citizens, 2010 there was a record of 35,000 hospital bed and over 131 medical facilities, they have respectively ranked a position of 11th and 14th on the overall assessment conducted by WHO. 
  5. Russia; in the soviet union era medical health services was socialist medicine. Article 41 of the Russian constitution gives the citizens the right to medical services free of charge, which is achievable through the OMS (state compulsory medical insurance).
  6. Sweden; health is paid for through taxation levied by taxation county councils and also runs dental care for ages under 23 paid for by the government. However, in recent years the health care system has been criticized for rendering special services to some persons and leaving most persons out.
  7. Japan; provision for medical health care for all citizens by National Health Insurance scheme under the care of the local government. Hospitals also run a non-profit scheme managed by independent physicians.
  8. Singapore; according to an analysis conducted by a global firm, Watson Wyatt, Singapore is rated as one of having one of the most successful health care systems in the world when it comes to financing and output of health workers. It gets its finances from compulsory savings from government subsidies, employers and workers, and private sources. Its system has been regarded as one of the most difficult to recreate in other countries.  
  9. Taiwan; operates a system incorporated in the year 1995 known as the NHI (National health insurance. This provision gives all citizens access to health care and covers a percentage of 99%, giving a choice of hospitals and physicians to patients. It covers dental care, home visiting nurse, Chinese drugs, preventive drugs, and many more. 
  10. Thailand; has a pace-setting record of one of the low-income earning countries to have medical coverage for its citizens. Finances for this scheme come from revenues,65% from government, 35% from private sources. The scheme has paved for low-income-earning countries to follow suit. Achieving an unbeatable feat of being the first country in Asia to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of aids, owing to their huge investment in the medical field. 
  11. Croatia; has a national health system that is been managed by the Ministry of Health under the service of the Croatian Health Insurance Scheme. A record of 76 hospitals, 79 emergency units in charge of 760,000 patients, and a total of over 5600 physicians, all covered by health insurance scheme either statute or optional insurance. 
  12. Maldives; runs a health scheme under a service known as the Aasandha whose vision is to ensure quality health care to every Maldivian. The finance of this project is gotten from the joint effort of the government and the private sector.
  13. Ireland; all residents of Ireland are available to healthcare services as stated in the mandate of the Health Service Executives. This service is funded by taxation and subsidized medical service fee. Free medical care is given to maternity service and children under age 6, also not left out are holders of medical cards they are given unlimited service care. Every resident of Ireland has a European Health Insurance Service Card has access to a free medical care system.
  14. Latvia; runs free medical care and service that is open to all residents and students inclusive, as funds are gotten from the government through a health insurance scheme. However, in the case of huge medical bills, a token is gotten from the patient and the rest covered by the government.
  15. Austria; has an admirable significant health care scheme, which is mandatory for both natives and visitors (whether as a student or longtime tourist) with funds from the government and private sectors.

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  1. Luxembourg; has public long-term insurance care made mandatory to all residents of Luxembourg whether as a citizen or foreigner(students and long-stay tourists). Health care coverage is provided under the umbrella of the National Health Insurance, the CNS (Cassie-Nationale the sante).
  2. Spain; according to World Economic Forum Spain has a top-ranking alongside hong kong and Singapore has having the most efficient medical system in Europe. Medical funds are covered by the social security budget, irrespective of citizens’ nationality emergencies are treated first before funds are disbursed , in the cases of extreme medical bills, funds are provided on humanitarian services.
  3. Italy; runs a regionally established Health care service known as the SSN( Servizio Sanitario Nazionale. Free medical coverage is made available to both citizens and foreigners, funds are gotten from taxation. However, when bills are high, a co-payment is available with the system taking a huge percentage of the bill. 
  4. Sri Lanka; makes it a national utmost concern to extend free health care to all its residents. Stacked with most modern facilities and equipment and available well-trained doctors and nurses, making them comparable to world advanced countries. 

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