Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship offered by the Romanian State to foreign citizens 2020

The Government of Balkan nation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tantalising Foreign voters for its Scholarship program for the 2020/2021 session.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers eighty five scholarships for undergraduates and post-graduate studies in Balkan nation, by suggests that of choice of application files, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and also the Ministry of National Education (hereafter, MNE), keep with Romanian current legislation.

In order to market Romanian language and culture, the Ministry of National Education research has determined that the beneficiaries of the scholarships ought to study solely within the Romanian language. The candidates WHO don’t apprehend Romanian are offered one supplementary propaedeutic year to review the language.

Value description: 

The scholarship consists of;

  • Free-of-charge tuition,
  • Free-of-charge accommodation (depending on availableness, accommodation are offered free-of-charge in students halls of residence, keep with the upper education rules and inside the boundaries of the sums obtainable for this purpose),
  • Financial support – a monthly quantity representing.
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of sixty five monetary unit per month, for college boy students (1st cycle),
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of seventy five monetary unit per month, for post-graduate students (master degrees and specialization) 2d cycle,
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of eighty five monetary unit per month, for postgraduate students (doctorate degree) third
  • These scholarships don’t cowl food, international and native transport. The candidates should be ready to in person support the other further expenses.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

  • Foreign voters returning from all the states of the globe, apart from EU member states. Foreign voters of Romanian origin and people happiness to the neighboring historic Romanian communities get pleasure from different scholarship programs
  • The individual for the scholarship should not hold Romanian citizenship, didn’t request or did not get a type of protection in Balkan nation, isn’t a refugee whose residence on Romanian territory is formally recognized consistent with the law, isn’t a member of the corps diplomatique authorised to Bucharesti or member of family of the diplomatic corps accredited in Romania, has not benefited from a scholarship from the Romanian state on a similar course of study.
  • The individual for the scholarship should gift study papers issued by accredited/recognized instructional establishments, have sensible ends up in education, severally a median of the study years of a minimum of seven (seven) comparable to the rating system in Balkan nation or the “Good” score, because the case.
  • The individual for the scholarship isn’t, till thirty one December of the year during which he/she was appointive , quite thirty five years older – for bachelor and master studies and forty five years severally – for doctorial studies or for postgraduate studies.

Application Deadline: March 16, 2020.

Application details:

Application files submitted by post or on to the MFA or to the MNE, still as application files received once the declared point in time won’t be taken into thought.
The candidate ought to enquire at the delegacy wherever he intends to submit the applying file regarding the ingress calendar.
Documents required:

The application file should contain the subsequent documents:

  • An Official letter issued by the delegacy of the country of origin authorised to Bucharesti or the diplomatic mission of Romania within the country of origin or residence;
  • The MFA form (Appendix 1) for a scholarship in Balkan nation, stuffed in correctly;
  • The MNE form (Appendix 2) for the difficulty of the Letter of acceptance to review in Romania;
  • Legalized copies of the obtained study credentialss (baccalaureate diploma or it’s equivalent + bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees if any) and their legalized translation into one in all the subsequent languages: English, French or Romanian, if required;


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