Mozilla Foundation Open Leaders Online Training 2020

The Mozilla Foundation is tantalizing applications for the 2020 edition of the Mozilla Open Leaders that starts in Jan 2020 to fuel the web Health movement by planning and building comes that empower others to collaborate among inclusive communities.

There are 2 tracks in Mozilla Open Leaders X. each tracks follow an equivalent 14-week schedule however meet at separate cohort times.

Project Track: The Project Track focuses on putting in a selected open project aboard individuals doing similar work. (Cohorts A-D, weekday and Wed meetings)

Culture Track: The Culture Track focuses on building associate open culture in any community, organization, or project with individuals from a spread of comes. (Cohorts E-F, Th meetings)

It might be particularly helpful to you if you:

Work day to day among your community to push openness.
Lead cultural amendment in your community, organization, or project.
Serve in a very explicit reach role to assist individuals build a amendment on a peer-to-peer basis.
Worth of Award
A Mozilla Open Leader is somebody running or beginning associate open project that supports a healthy net. Over the course of the program, they will:

Receive current 1:1 project facilitate from Mozilla workers and mentors
Have access to a community of mentors, technologists and additional
Complete modules and supply feedback on Open Leadership coaching exploring best practices for project setup and communication, tools for collaboration, community building, and running events
Get sensible expertise empowering others to collaborate on their project.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

Passionate and prepared to find out and apply open practices to your project or community, supporting the web Health movement
Between eighteen and twenty nine years recent in 2020
sensible access to the web (this may be a web-based program)
Women are inspired to use.
Applicants performing on problems with gender, youth, and underrepresented teams are inspired to use
This program is free for designated participants and isn’t paid.
If you (or your team) are running or beginning associate open project and wish to grow as an open leader may be} for you! Your open project doesn’t ought to be technical — it can be program (open academic resource), associate open knowledge project or report, associate ASCII text file software package project, or the rest that:

has one thing to figure on (a feature, module, or minimum viable product) throughout the program,
allows and welcomes contributions by others, and
supports the open internet and a healthy net

Application Deadline:  January 13, 2020

Application details:

Applications are on-line. Click on the link below


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