Scholarships Without Application Fee

Scholarships Without Application Fee

The monetary burden of getting university/ college to study overseas, occasionally scares potential applicants away from applying. The task of applying to study in university abroad sometimes looks cumbersome. 

But in our article, we were able to bring universities outside the country where you can apply for studies without paying for any application fee. Most of the institutions about to be listed offer waivers to their applicants on application fee.

We will list each institution according to countries they’re located.

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Universities in Canada that has No Application Fee

it is a public institution located in coolwood British Columbia. It program runs across bachelor’s, masters and PhD. It has a student’s populace of 5000.in addition they provide scholarship for international students who applied them.

Website: https://www.royalroads.ca/

  it a small university founded in 2007, and it specializes more in liberal arts and sciences. it has a decent tuition fee decent.

Website: https://questu.ca/

it is a private institution, that focuses more on the field of liberal arts, its application process is free, however applicants upon admission are expected to pay a sum of 500 CAD.

Website: https://boothuc.ca/

University in Australia with no application fee



This institution runs a fast degree program in that it runs a 3 semester program. This university prepares you not only academically but career wise. In that it offers you the opportunity to volunteer, do internship and gain an experience of what is required in your field of study.

Website: https://bond.edu.au/



 this institution started in 1950 and offers around one hundred online courses in diverse areas of study like education, engineering, social sciences, accounting, and many more. They also offer an in campus degree in many fields of study. They institutions admits students of all nation. For more information

Website: https://www.cdu.edu.au/

This university is renowned for its research and it regarded as world class research institute  for its contribution in themes such as cancer, transforming industries, and healthy futures. Through it research institutes and laboratories.

Website: https://international.unisa.edu.au/

It is a renowned Catholic university.  It accepts each college students in spite of his or her faith. This institution is unique in that it permits her students to take Core curriculum lessons in  philosophy, ethics, and theology which aims at making every student apprehend how unique he or she is and to complement each aspect of their life’s. More information can be access at 

Website: https://www.notredame.edu.au/

This university prides its self among the 250 best universities in the world.  It is also a research intensive institution. The institution has a rich history in the field of technology.

Website: https://www.uow.edu.au/apply/

Universities in Korea

it is a public university of technology and offers its program in English. 

Website: http://adm-u.intl.unist.ac.kr/

it has six, colleges departmentalized into departments of Humanities and Social sciences, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business administration, and fisheries sciences.

Website: http://stp.pknu.ac.kr/



it is principally a university of engineering both has department in architecture, chemistry, business administration, and a college of natural science.

 All three institutions have comparable mode of application in that you have to apply through their portal and submit your documents, then you patiently wait to be replied.

Website: https://eng.kumoh.ac.kr/

Universities in China with no application fee

 its engineering faculty is regarded among the 30 best worldwide., because of its research nature.

Website: https://www2.scut.edu.cn/

 it has 104 undergraduate programs. The university is notable for research as it has national and regional research institutes, centers and laboratory.

website: http://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/en/



  it was d first agricultural university in China, and has 48  different undergraduate programs.

website: http://ic.hzau.edu.cn/

For UK all university collect an application fee from candidates in order for the candidates to be considered for admission.

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US universities without application fee 

University of Vermont

Tulane University

Wellesley College

Thomas Aquinas College

Case Western Reserve University

Mount Holyoke College

Carleton College

Smith College

Alcorn State University

Jackson State University

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