Top 10 Private Universities And Colleges in New York

Top 10 Private Universities And Colleges in New York

The state of New York also known as the city that never sleeps, is a busy city and has one of the oldest universities in the country, it also the 20th largest economy in the US, this state has one of the best universities in the country which makes it hard to rank her universities. But we were able to compile and rank each institution based on their research output and their employability rate in terms of her graduates.

  1. Columbia University


Website: http://www.columbia.edu/ 

This institution is the oldest university in the state and among the universities founded before the American declaration of independence, this institution has a population of 8000 undergraduates and 20000 postgraduate students enrolled in her eight academic divisions. This university is a pioneer in medical degree in the state.

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  1. Cornell University


Website: http://www.cornell.edu/ 

This institution is a co-educational and non-sectarian, public research institution, with a land grant, it has a student’s population of 23,000 in her 7 academic divisions in both her undergraduate and graduate programs.

  1. Colgate University

LOCATION: Hamilton, NY

Website: http://www.colgate.edu/ 

 This institution is liberal arts college, it has an undergraduate student’s population of 3000 and staff population of 300, this institution has about 55 undergraduate majors. It also offers an international exchange program where her students study in some countries.

  1. Hamilton College


Website: http://www.hamilton.edu/ 

This institution is a coeducational liberal college; it has a student’s population of 1800. This institution offers program in 56 programs and has about 43 majors.

  1. Vassar College

LOCATION: Poughkeepsie, NY

Website: http://www.vassar.edu/ 

This institution initially was the first degree awarding institution for women in the US, thou currently it is a coeducational institutions, and has a students population of  2500. This institutions offers program in about 50 majors.

  1. Barnard College


Website: http://www.barnard.edu/ 

This is liberal arts college was founded in response to Columbia university’s non admission of women, this institution has about 50 degree programs. It has affiliation with Columbia university.

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Website: http://www.rpi.edu/ 

This research university was founded with aims to train students who can apply science to common good of the society. This institution has about 5 schools which are Architecture, Humanities, Engineering, Arts, and Social Sciences. Many if its majors revolve around STEM.

  1. University of Rochester

LOCATION: Rochester, NY

Website: http://www.rochester.edu/ 

This is a nonsectarian research university with a student’s population of 10, 000 and staff population of 1200. It has programs in about 200 majors which awards Masters, Bachelor’s and doctorate degree.

  1. New York University


Website: http://www.nyu.edu/ 

This research university has a student’s population of 50,000 in her 10 schools and college, where it awards bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degree, this institution has many Nobel laureates.

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  1. Cooper Union


Website: http://www.cooper.edu/ 

This college initially started as a tuition free institutions thou currently it offers partial scholarships, this institution has about Schools which includes Architecture, Art, and Engineering.

Studying in New York can be fun, especially in any of her best private universities and colleges in New York, we have been able to clear your confusions when it comes to processing your admission to a private institution in the city that never sleeps.

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