Top 15 Legitimate Scholarship Websites

Top 15 Legitimate Scholarship Websites

It is not an easy task to search for scholarship, due to the numerous scholarship available and website’s. Which is why we decided to compile a list of top 15 scholarship websites to aid your search and comparison, making it easy for you 

The sites are listed and explained as follows:

1. Scholarships.com

Website: http://www.scholarships.com/ 

This platform was originally founded in 1999, and has scholarship value of $19 billion in it’s website. With about 2.7million scholarships. It involves registration which is free and you’re given the privilege to choose the scholarship type you want depending on your course of study and you have the right to opt out of any scholarship you don’t want. It updated monthly and it is based in Portland Oregon.

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2. CollegeNet.com

Website: http://www.scholarships.com/

This platform also updates its scholarship database monthly. It allows her users vote for scholarship they want and they have a live forum, where they seek ideas and discuss on any opinion from their members. The students with the most vote earns an award of $3000-$5000. It is a platform for students seeking for scholarship from home

3. Fastweb.com

Website: http://www.fastweb.com/ 

This scholarship platform was founded and launched more than 15years ago. It boasts of having about 1.5 million scholarships or more and has a total value of $3.4 billion scholarship s in its database. It has helped more than 50 students in finding scholarship and applying them. The platform is the most updated scholarship search engine available making it unique.

4. Finaid.com

Website: http://www.finaid.com/ 

This is a popular scholarship website amongst students, because it gives information not only on scholarship but financial aids you’re qualified to receive. It also offers information on the authenticity of every scholarship in order to avoid you being a victim of scammers/fraudsters.

5. The College board

Website: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org 

This is the oldest existing educational organization founded in 1900. Its platform has more than $1 billion worth of scholarship available and already awarded. They also have a book of various scholarship available which you can order for.

6. Scholarshipmonkey.com

Website: http://www.scholarshipmonkey.com/ 

It is free and helps you compare different scholarship available to you. It has assisted more than 1million students find scholarship and has $3billion worth of scholarship in its database. Upon registration your information is shared to companies and educational institutions offering scholarships

7. SallieMae.com

Website: https://www.salliemae.com/ 

It used to be a loan platform for students and houses. But now it focuses more on scholarship update. It also helps you search for scholarship based on your interested field of study or the ones you’re interested in. It also makes it users who register to compare scholarship and automatically qualify for a monthly drawing to win $1000.

8. Zinch.com / Chegg.com

Website: http://www.zinch.com/  presently https://www.chegg.com/scholarships 

It is one of the most updated scholarship platform, it has provided about 5000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion naira altogether. Thou it was recently acquired by chegg. Currently it also offer’s services like finding internship, tutoring writing help, test help and also helping students rent textbook

9. Niche.com

Website: https://www.niche.com/?ref=colleges 

It differs from other scholarship platform in that apart from scholarship offers it also share information like palaces to live, tuition fee of different institutions, ranking of and search capacity of different institutions. Their scholarship is categorized into military, sexual orientation, religion etc.

10. Cappex.com

Website: https://www.cappex.com/ 

It uses advanced algorithm to match you with the best scholarship jobs for you and get you connected directly to the institutions. Its database has scholarship worth $11 billion.

11. moolahSpot.com

Website: http://www.moolahspot.com/ 

It shows and displays different need based scholarships. You can search from it over 3.2 million scholarships.

12. Careeronestop.org

Website: https://www.careeronestop.org/ 

This platform has resources for any career including opportunities for, laid off workers, military, veterans, those with disability etc. Which is sponsored by US department of labor through its platform. They also show financial aids for different level of study.

13. Unigo.com

Website: https://www.unigo.com/scholarships/our-scholarships 

This scholarship platform shows scholarship based on your unique character. it main purpose is to encourage talents and had scholarship even for 13 years’ child.

14. Petersons.com

Website: https://www.petersons.com/ 

It is main purpose is to help students find, prep and find their college education. It shows information about any college/scholarship they offer. It also offer’s grants, forgivable loans, prizes etc. in its platform and has about $10 billion scholarship value. 

15. Impactlifetech.com

Website: http://www.impactlifetech.com

This is a blog for all students and knowledge lovers. we have a tendency to go therefore deep to provide you with all the most recent university scholarship opportunities each at the International and native level, opportunities for various classes in education, post opportunities, field gist and plenty a lot more are equally provided. This website has the tendency to exposing to thousand and one scholarship opportunities and programs everywhere in the net to our dedicated visitors.

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Impactlifetech scholarship gets you prepared and ready for any scholarship even before you get the chance in order that once the opportunity finally comes knocking on your door, you grab it and method it with ease.

Scholarships can also be gotten from every institutions website, government website like Canada offers through Canadian embassy website and some states have scholarship board website.

 We believe having patiently read through this article on top 15 legitimate scholarship website, your fears of being scammed will have been laid off as features of each scholarship website and links have been provided and you can see that they are enough to give away why not embrace one platform now, tomorrow may be too late.

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