Top 5 Black Colleges in Texas

Top 5 Black Colleges in Texas

Top 5 Black Colleges in Texas

 Texas being famous for her fights during the declaration of independence, and the black lives matter, has several historical black college and universities, which has assisted greatly for centuries in training African Americans,  Texas also is known as the home of historical black college and universities, the list of historical black college and university will help those who wish to study in institutions that have devoted their time to black freedom and equal rights, and will give you a glimpse of history.

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  1. Prairie View A&M University

Location: Prairie View, Texas


 This public institution as a historical black college, was founded in the year 1876 and it the second oldest university in Texas.  It aims at preparing her students for achieving excellence in teaching, research and service. This institution for years now has traditional produced the best nurses, teachers and engineers in the state of Texas and the United States at large.  It offers about offers 36 bachelor’s, 30 master’s, 48 minors and five doctorate degree programs which is incorporated in nine college’s. This university is a member of Texas A & M  university system.

  1. Texas Southern University, Houston

Location: Houston, TX


This university is among the largest historically black universities HBU in the united States of America (USA), was established as an extension of Wiley college in 1925, this institution is renowned and internationally acclaimed, it has a vast network of alumni from numerous fields of endeavors, profession and country.  It was officially known as Texas southern university TSU in the year 1951.  This university has about 11 colleges and schools with over 100 academic programs, having one of the best law schools in the united States of America USA, known as the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. 

  1. Huston-Tillotson University Austin

Location: Austin TX


This is a private university of arts and sciences that was founded in the year 1952 by a  merger of Huston College and Tillotson college, it has affiliation with the United Methodist Church, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the United Church of Christ, it awards bachelor’s degree in areas such as bachelor’s degrees in business, education, humanities, natural science, social science, science and technology.

  1. Jarvis Christian College

Location: TX

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This is a popular private and beautiful Christian liberal arts college and also a historical black college and university founded in 1915, with an affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Despite its small students population of about 900, it offers about 20 bachelor’s degree programs and three associate degrees, its popular majors are education, religion and criminal Justice.

  1. Wiley College

Location: Marshall, Texas


This college is the oldest historical black college and university HBCU established in the year 1873, at a time when they was extreme social tension between the black and white populations. It maintains an affiliation with the United Methodist Church, and the United Negro College Fund, and its programs is divided into science, education, business and technology, social services and humanities, along with general education and special studies.

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