Fully Funded United Nations Internship 2021

United Nations Internship

Fully Funded United Nations Internship 2021

The United Nations Internship 2021 is open for undergraduate, graduate, and fresh students from any part of the world who wish to gain knowledge and skills in the aspect of helping humanity, and aiding those who are suffering in corona virus endemic regions.  This internship will pay for all your expenses, this internship was done in response to the question asked by people who wants to go on humanitarian outreach and internships.  The application protocol is free 

Currently the united nations UN, through her various agencies has tried to train different volunteers who wish to work with any of them, the current population of volunteers and internships in various UN program is around 30,000. Which is expected to grow more.  Lots of UN agencies like UNICEF, World Bank, WHO have different internship opportunities which are still ongoing too. 

The United nations UN internship program will greatly assist your career as this program will greatly impact you with the necessary skills needed to build your career as a health care professional, allied health care professional or as a person in general.

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About the United Nations Internship 2021 

The united nations was established in 1945, with its headquarters in new York, the united nations has agencies like UNICEF united nations international children emergency fund, Works health organizations (WHO), World bank, etc. this internship is one of the united nations UN response to national emergency, thus program will last for 3- 12 months, and requires the applicant’s to be ready in 2-3 Weeks.  This internship has no fee attached to its application,  

  1. The following areas or professions are needed for this internship.
  2. Radiologists
  3. ICU/Anesthetic Nurses
  4. Infection Control Nurses
  5. Intensivists
  6. Respiratory Physicians
  7. Pathologists
  8. Psychologists must know about trauma management
  9. Biomedical/Medical Laboratory Technicians
  10. Physiotherapists
  11. Epidemiologists
  12. Public Health Specialists 
  13. Health Statisticians
  14. Health Surveillance Specialists
  15. Health Emergency Managers
  16. Child Protection Specialists
  17. Monitoring & evaluation Specialists 
  18. Gender-based Violence Project/Programme Specialists
  19. Logisticians
  20. Health Procurement Specialists
  21. Health Supply Chain Specialists e.g. pharmacist, equipment, cold chain
  22. WASH (with a great focus on hygiene) Specialists
  23. Waste Management Specialists medical 
  24. Specialists in Communications for Development 
  25. Information Management Specialist who have an experience in health emergencies
  26. Specialists in Data Collection & Management 
  27. Specialists in Socio-economic & Health Assessment 
  28. Specialists in Economic Development 
  29. Livelihoods Specialists
  30. Anthropologists
  31. Sociologists
  32. Statisticians

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Value description of the United Nations Internship 2021

  • Monthly allowance which will cover your basic needs like housing, food
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Return airfare tickets and going

Eligibility and selection criteria for the United Nations Internship 2021

  • Any citizen of any country is free to apply 
  • Must have an experience of any of the above listed areas
  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  •  Must be willing and ready to leave at short notice I.e like 1-3 Weeks

Application Deadline: This scholarship has no deadline, as it is still one for one to apply, it is still ongoing due to the Covid 19 outbreak. 

Application Details: 

This internship is entirely applied online and you have to fill and submit some documents online, by clicking  https://www.unv.org/Volunteer-for-COVID-19-pandemic-response

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