University of British Columbia- Fees, Scholarship Programs and Rankings

University of British Columbia- Fees, Scholarship Programs and Rankings

  The University of British Columbia, abbreviated as UBC, has been one amongst the highly recognized universities in the world. This is not far fetched from the fact that it has a strong standard of  teaching, learning and research. Because of this, several students across the world have made UBC their first choice. Recently UBC has been recognized as North America’s most international university along with several other credits. 

Worth knowing:

  • UBC was founded 1908 by Henry Marshall Tory. 
  • UBC has two campuses, Point Grey – located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The other is Okanagan – located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, with both campuses having over 66,250 students.
  • Official website : ubc.ca

 In this article, we shall look into this prestigious university’s fees, scholarships, programs and it’s various ranks within and without the country. Without further ado, let’s dive into the crux. 

University of British Columbia – Fees/tuition. 

Any student aspiring to study at the University of British Columbia should carefully go through this as it’s the most recent list as of 2021.

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs

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  • Fees for domestic students:

The list below are in order: Program –  Per credit amount – Full-time course load – credits total. 

Arts – $183.56 – 30 – $5,506.80. 

Commerce (Year 1) – $183.56 – 30 – $5,506.80. 

Commerce (Years 2-4) – $272.00 – 30 – $8,160.00. 

Forestry (Forest Operations)  – $183.56 – 35 – $6,424.60. 

Computer Science – $183.56 – 30 – $5,506.80. 

Dental Hygiene – $183.56 – 33 – $6,057.48. 

Environmental Design – $183.56 -30 – $5,506.80

Fine Art – $183.56 – 30 – $5,506.80

Forestry ( Forest Science)  – $183.56 – 34- $6,241.04

International Economics – $293.68 – 30 – $8,810.40

Kinesiology – $183.56 – 30 – $5,506.80

Land & Food Systems – $183.56 – 32 -$5,873.92

Media Studies – $244.29 – 30 – $7,328.70

 This is just a few list, for more, visit the school official website. 

  • Fees for international students

The list below are in order: Program –  Per credit amount – Full-time course load – credits total. 

Applied Science – $1,374.02 – 37 – $50,838.74

Arts – $1,319.12 – 30 – $39,573.60

Commerce – $1,706.88 – 30 – $51,206.40

Computer Science – $1,358.84 – 30 -$40,765.20

Dental Hygiene – $1,358.84 – 33 – $44,841.72

Environmental Design – $1,321.62 – 30 – $39,648.60

Fine Arts – $1,319.12 – 30 – $39,573.60

Forestry ( Forest Operations) – $1,358.84 – 35 – $47,559.40

Forestry (Forest Science) – $1,358.84 – 34 – $46,200.56

Forestry (Natural Resources Conservation) – $1,358.84 – 31 – $42,124.04

Forestry (Resources Management) – $1,358.84 – 30 – $40,765.20

International Economics – $1,595.75 – 30 – $47,872.50

Kinesiology – $1,358.84 – 30 – $40,765.20

Land & Food Systems – $1,358.84 – 32 – $43,482.88

Media Studies – $1,319.12 – 30 – $39,573.60

  This is just a few list, for more, visit the school official website. 

University of British Columbia – Scholarships/awards

 When it comes to awarding scholarships/awards (either merit or need based) to its outstanding alumni, UBC is one of best. Below are the available scholarships:

  • Scholarship/awards for Canadian students:

  There are six scholarships/awards available to outstanding students who have attained not only academic excellence but have displayed uprightness in his immediate community – 

  • Presidential Scholars Awards

  Because UBC wants sets of the bests students across the globe, the presidential scholars award was organized. This award provides students with a one-time award of approximately $5,000, and renewable awards. 

Am I Eligible? 

  This award is for high school and CEGEP students who reside permanently in Canada and with outstanding academic, moral and extra-curricula qualifications. 

       How do I apply? 

  Any student who wish to benefit from this scholarship must apply, pay admission fee and complete the online registration to UBC on the 1st of December. Remember that UBC must be chosen as your first choice else one cannot be considered. 

     When will I be Notified?

 Presidential Scholars Award winners will be officially announced on the 27th of April. 

  Other  Canadian scholarships/awards are:

  • UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards
  • Loran Awards
  • Schulich Leader Scholarships
  • Awards for Indigenous students
  • Tuum Est Experiential Award
  • Scholarship/awards for international students:

  For the international students, there are two scholarships available to enjoy:

  • International Major Entrance Scholarships:

International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES) is an international student based scholarship for students who are just coming into the UBC community. IMES are renewable for up to three additional years of one’s study. A little shortcoming of this scholarship is that its award rate vary depending on the pocket of the university. 

      Am I Eligible? 

There are certain criteria which are taken into consideration before one can be eligible:

  1. Such must be new to UBC either coming directly from secondary school or university or college. 
  2. Such must be an international student who will study at UBC on a study visa. 
  3. Such must be of outstanding academic, moral and extra-curricular performance. Such must be of good impact on his society. 
  4. Such must be a nominee for a need-and-merit-based International Scholars award.
  5. Make your application on the 15th of January. 

          How do I Apply? 

  Any student who applies to UBC precisely on the 15th of January is immediately considered for the scholarship. 

          When will I be Notified?

  One will be notified in the early days of May as IMES decisions are made between mid-March to the end of April every year.

The other international students scholarships / awards is:

  • Outstanding International Student Award. 

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University of British Columbia – programs

UBC has 10 programs under with several courses fall under:

  1. Business and Economics – having 17 distinct courses, some are: commerce and economics. 
  2. Earth, environment, and sustainability – having 31 distinct courses, some are: Archaeology and Environmental Sciences. 
  3. Education – having 7 distinct courses, some are: Teaching Children and International Baccalaureate. 
  4. Engineering and technology – having 33 distinct courses, some are: Architecture and Chemical engineering. 
  5. Health and life sciences – having 47 distinct courses, some are: Biology and Biochemistry. 
  6. History, law, and politics – having 21 distinct courses, some are: History and International Relations. 
  7. Languages and linguistics – having 17 distinct courses, some are: English and French. 
  8. Math, chemistry, and physics – having 25 distinct courses, some are: Astronomy and Biophysics. 
  9. Media and fine arts – having 22 distinct courses, some are: Art History and Creative writing. 
  10. People, culture, and society – having 38 distinct courses, some are: Anthropology and Canadian studies. 

For a full list, visit the school’s website. 

University of British Columbia – Ranking

UBC has over the years holds and still holding several ranks, below are some:

Ranks are in order; THE 2020(Times Higher Education) – ARWU 2019(Academic Ranking of World Universities) – QS 2020(QS World University Rankings) .

  • World Ranking 34th – 35th – 51st
  • Canada Ranking 2nd – 2nd – 3rd
  • North America Public Institutions Ranking 7th – 10th – 7th
  • World Public Institutions Ranking 19th – 20th – 32nd

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