University of Montreal- Fees, Scholarship, Programs and Ranking

University of Montreal- Fees, Scholarship, Programs and Ranking

There’s no doubt that the University of Montreal, abbreviated as UdeM, is the best in Quebec. UdeM is a French-based reputable university in Canada and so, most of its activities are conducted in French, although there are provisions for students who don’t speak nor understand the language.

Worth knowing:

  • UdeM is public University, established in 1878 by the religious congregations of the Daughters of Immaculate Mary of Guadalupe, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, the Marist Brothers, and the Brothers of La Salle. 
  • It’s located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
  • The University has a total of about 400,000 alumni across the globe (including its two affiliated schools). UdeM has produced over 34,300 graduates and 11,920 postgraduate. 
  • UdeM has 13 faculties and schools from which 600 programs are made available. 
  • Its current Rector as of 2021 is Daniel Jutras. 
  • University website:

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In this article, we shall be looking into this university’s various programs, it’s scholarship, fees and rankings.

University of Montreal – Fees / Tuition. 

  Fees for each student vary depending on student’s choice of course, feeding, housing and also transportation, status (whether students is  international, Canadian-Quebec based or Canadian-Non Quebec based).

 Below is a list of fees for Masters and Ph.D. 

(list is in order : Masters – Ph.D.) 

QUEBEC STUDENTS: ($1,195 per session. $425 per thesis session) – ($1,195 per session. $425 per thesis session) 

NON-QUEBEC CANADIAN STUDENTS: ($3,701 per session. $425 per thesis session) – ($3,701 per session. $425 per thesis session) 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: ($8,186 per session. $425 per thesis session) – ($7,348 per session . $425 per thesis session) 

  Below shows a per-month budget for students. This budget is subject to change based on the student’s lifestyle in school. 

  • FOOD – $350
  • TOTAL – $1,225. 

  Below is an Average Annual Tuition of a Canadian student on a graduate program. This information is sourced from Statistics Canada. 

  • NEWFOUNDLAND AND Labrador – $2,473
  • NEW BRUNSWICK – $5,583
  • QUEBEC  – $2,792
  • ONTARIO – $8,456
  • MANITOBA – $4,363
  • PRINCE EDWARD Island – $4,888
  • SASKATCHEWAN – $4,506
  • ALBERTA – $4,775
  • NOVA Scotia – $7,926

  Note: Non Quebec Canadian students on a master’s program still have additional fees to the ones above. Also this fee does not apply to doctoral students. 

  You can Learn More (French) about specific fees that applies to you.

 University of Montreal – Scholarship / Award

 The University of Montreal, like other notable Universities, runs an international student scholarship program – The UdeM Exemption Scholarship Program, where international students across the world can benefit from an exemption from the tuition fees which is usually charged to international students.

    Am I Eligible? 

This scholarship is for students admitted during the fall of 2020 who – 

  • Students who study on a  permit, such must not be a Canadian or resides permanently in Canada. 
  • Such student must not enjoy any other from of tuition fee exemption through another policy or measure. 
  • Students who wish to be eligible must be ready to enrolled for a full time study. 

How do I Apply? 

  Applying for this scholarship should not be a problem as I’ll be giving a step by step method to go about it:

  1. Apply for admission: Don’t forget to carefully check for information related to the admission, such as deadlines, requirements and the likes. This compass, a type of checklist, can be of help. 
  2. Keep a check on your file to see if you have been admitted: The “Student Centre” is a platform where students can check their admission status and receive an  offer of acceptance letter. A code to access this Centre is  given some days after submitting the application form. Once you’ve been considered for admission, we can proceed to step 3
  • Accept the offer of Admission: Once your academic requirements are outstanding, you’ll be automatically considered for the UdeM Exemption Scholarship Program

    How will I be Notified? 

  UdeM will inform you about the amount of Scholarship you are entitled to via  email. Once you receive this information, make a document of it, keep this very well as you’ll be needing it in  due course. 

University of Montreal – Program

 The University of Montreal constitutes thirteen(13) Faculties and Schools from which 600 programs are made available for its alumni 

Arts and Science: under this include;

  • School of Library and Information Sciences
  • School of Criminology
  • School of Psycho-Education
  • School of Industrial Relations
  • School of Social Work
  • Institute of Religious Studies
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Communication

Dentistry: under this include;

  • Program in Oral and Dental Sciences
  • Program in Orthodontics
  • Program in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Program in Prosthodontics Rehabilitation
  • Program in Stomatology Residency

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  • Education
  • Environmental Design
  • Kinesiology
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Optometry
  • Nursing
  • School of Public Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine

University of Montreal – Rankings

  There are numerous ranks held by the University of Montreal, some of which are:

4th in Canada:

  Because of its very high research activities and funding, it has been ranked among the top universities in Canada with UdeM holding the 4th position. 

41st in the world:

According to global university employability ranking, UdeM ranks in 41st  for the reputation of its graduates among other employers .

73rd in the world:

UdeM ranks amongst the top university, holding the the 73rd position. This was confirmed by the times higher education ranking.

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