World Health Organization Internship

World Health Organization Internship

The world health organization in her efforts to make healthcare accessible to all, and to also help in training healthcare professionals and related fields to gain skills, knowledge. This scholarship is an answer to the question asked by applicants in the medical and health related fields, whether an internship offer exists for them in the world health organization. It is open to graduates and postgraduates. 

The world health organization, has employed thousands of interns working across her different member nations, and has made her efforts to make sure her interns gain strong knowledge in the country they’re going to serve. 

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Participating in this internship will be one of the best things that will happen in your life, as a result of the skills and knowledge you will gain while working and doing your internships here. This internship is fully funded and it doesn’t have the compulsory IELTS, TOEFL requirements.  

About the World Health Organization Internship

The WHO was founded and has her headquarters in Geneva,  with mandate of helping make universal healthcare accessible to all, it works in partnership with the UNICEF while performing this duties, her director general is  , the World health organization internship is fully funded, and  it accepts undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degree. This internship has no deadline and it lasts for 6-24 Weeks. 

Value Description of the World Health Organization Internship

Stipends are paid to her interns

Each stipends is specific for each field

Provision of  medical and accident insurance 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the World Health Organization Internship

  1. To be eligible for this Internship the candidate must be 20 years 
  2. Must be enrolled in any university or equivalent institution leading to graduate and post graduate degree
  3. Must not have a relation working with WHO 
  4. Must not have any experience with WHO activities
  5. Must have a passport from a member country
  6. Must have completed the application form

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Application Deadline: They is no deadline for this program, candidates can apply any time. As vacancies are made known to the public regularly. 

Application Details

This Internship application process is applied entirely online, to apply click this link and make sure you have completed the application form.


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  1. * Thank for opportunity. Looking forward to be offered any job related to environmental management, occupational safety and heath, conservation farming.

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  3. Interested in the WHO internship program
    Looking forward to be among the people who will be selected.

  4. Interested in the WHO internship program.Looking forward to be one one of the people who will be selected in this program in the fields of Clinical Psychology.

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    I’m interested in the program.

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    I’m Quincy from Mombasa, Kenya.

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    I am interested to work as an intern in your establishment
    Your consideration will be highly appreciated

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    I am very interested in the internship please your response will be highly appreciate

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    Im a nurse
    I hold a post graduate diploma in public health, currently completing an honours degree Midwifery and Neonatal nursing Science.
    I would like to stidy towards a maters programme in health administration

  18. I study Biomedical Engineering (OND), and Biomedical communication DIPLOMA programme

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    I am interested. I hope I am the amazing team that would be selected

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