15 Elementary Schools in Toronto Canada (Updated)

15 Elementary Schools in Toronto Canada (Updated)

15 Elementary Schools in Toronto Canada

Elementary schools in Toronto provide a good teaching environment and superb lessons for your children. This includes elementary schools in Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, downtown Toronto (like the Annex and Bloor West), midtown (such as Forest Hill, St Clair), Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Newmarket. Among the elementary schools (primary schools) listed here, also includes private schools like boarding, Montessori, Waldorf, Christian, and Indian schools in Canada Toronto.

With the Covid pandemic putting a pause on every level of education in the country and leaving most schools partially opened, getting your child admitted into any elementary school might seem to be a bit of a challenge as all school activities have been partially or totally put on hold. So while we safely see out the pandemic, I’ve put together a great list of schools you can choose from, outlining some of the best elementary schools in Toronto Canada, where your child can be enrolled and obtain a quality education.

Here are 15 Elementary Schools in Toronto

  1. Junior Academy
  2. Mindwerx4kids Day School
  3. Howlett Academy
  4. Beverly Glen Junior Public School
  5. Fleming Public School
  6. The York School
  7. Willow Wood School
  8. Blythwood Public School
  9. Whitney Junior Public School
  10. Central Montessori Schools (CMS) – York Mills
  11. North Toronto Christain School
  12. Oak Learners
  13. Avondale Alternative School
  14. Ossington/Old Orchard Public School
  15. Olivet School

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Junior Academy is a co-educational school for students from Toddler school age to Grade 8. Founded in 1988, Junior Academy is located at 2454 Bayview Avenue (south of York Mills), Toronto, Ontario, M2L 1A6. The Junior Academy is a small dynamic school with an annual enrolment of just 100 students and having a class size of about 10-14 students, which serves up as an advantage as the teachers know each and every child. They have a unique learning environment for nurturing students and are committed to extracurricular activities, leadership development, and community involvement in order to help students try new things and discover their passion.

Mindwerx4kids Day School is a small private school. Mindwerx4kids Early Learning Center began in 2006. In 2011, mw4kids announced its expansion as a co-educational day school for children from Grades 1 through Grade 8. Located at 76 Anglesey Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, M9A 3C1. The school provides an enriched curriculum with an individualized learning approach, psychoeducational assessments, participation and contribution in musical and dramatic productions, social group, field trips, sports, and monitor skills and plan programs to optimize student’s involvement.

Howlett Academy is a co-educational school for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school isn’t for the faint of heart. Their program is very clear, attentive supervision, well-organized curriculum with a clear set of academic goals, and the school maintain an impressive track record of achievement.

Beverly Glen Junior is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 establishment. The school has a well-deserved reputation in the TDSB for providing a conducive environment that enables students to develop socially, and academically to their fullest potential. Located in the NW portion of the Bridlewood community on 85 Beverly Glen Blvd, Scarborough, ON. Presently, the school has over 450 culturally diverse students in a safe, caring, and learning-centered environment.

Fleming Public School is a multicultural school that reflects the values and beliefs that make Canadian society culturally strong and enriching. The beautiful school has about 280 students who have opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of programs. The school has a YMCA daycare center for children aged 2-10 years. They are committed to preparing children to meet the challenges of a changing world. Fleming Public School opened in 1990 and is located at 20 Littles Rd, Scarborough, ON.

The York school is an urban school with a global focus, offering learning trips around the globe, exploring Toronto’s cultural diversity, and through an engaged, international community of families and faculty. Located on Yonge Street, midtown Toronto, the school has two campuses that feature an inspiring, flexible learning environment and close proximity to the cusp and institutions of the city. They are progressive, international, contemporary, urban & unique.

WillowWood school is an independent school for diverse learners. WillowWood has a history of meeting targeted, personal education that considers each student’s needs, and strengths. This individualized approach or strategy allows students to discover and embrace their strengths, maintain their dignity, and address their weaknesses. The work of the school is dedicated to supporting learners who need something different, and who, for some reason, aren’t adequately supported in other academic environments. The classes are small, the atmosphere is warm, and the learning approach is superb.

Blythwood Public School is located in a North Toronto residential area. The school has over 400 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. They are focused on training students to reach high levels of achievement, and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible, and contributing members of a sustainable society.

Whitney is located in a well-established residential district in the Rosedale Heights Dr, Toronto, ON. The school serves approximately 280 students and has a child care center and an outstanding record of parental involvement. Staff and parents work together to support School growth and Improvement.

CMS provides quality education at every stage of a child’s development. CMS focuses on engaging students and building strong foundations during the early years of their lives. They engage in Toddler & Casa programs that nurture and encourage the wondering minds of children to build foundational skills that are needed for future success. Their elementary program offers an enriched curriculum that encourages analytical and collaborative thinking while fostering individual strengths.

North Toronto Christian School was founded to offer an advanced, co-educational, university preparation program to all parents who desire a strong and standard academic program for their child with a Christian emphasis based on Biblical precepts. A family focus, strong teacher direction, and a disciplined environment are promoted. The school work with parents to maintain the Christian values and to encourage and assist students to prepare for a  successful and fulfilling future in all areas of their lives.

Oak Learners is a learning center offering a full and part-time day school as well as a wide variety of after-school programming including Music, Tutoring, and Art. The school provides a proper learning atmosphere, working with your child’s learning style to drive their strengths and interests. Our classrooms use are designed and set up with interdisciplinary teaching methods to create a unique student-driven and teacher-facilitated, enriched learning environment.

For years, Avondale has served an alternative vision of education in the public system to students throughout Toronto. The school is temporarily located at Bayview Middle School. Avondale is a safe, small, family-like school with a personal feel, and having a learning and teaching environment that supports optimum development and excellence. Students are put through a rigorous academic setting where close working relationships between staff and students are valued and celebrated.

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Ossington/Old Orchard Public School was established in 1983. The school is located on a beautiful property with play structures, a treed hillside, gardens, a large playing field, and an apple orchard. This school is a vibrant learning environment with approximately 315 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Ossington is a community school that strives to ensure the healthy and proper development of every student so that each child can gain the knowledge, skills, confidence, and resiliency necessary for them to obtain success.

Olivet School offers a conducive home-like environment for learning, small class sizes, and a solid academic program, that is taught with a foundation in character education based on Christian values. If you are a parent looking for elementary education that combines top-quality teaching with special and careful attention to not just the academic aspect of your child’s learning, but also the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of your child, then Olivet School is definitely what you are looking for!


A really important decision about what area you’re going to move into depends on what school is in that neighborhood, where do you want your kids to go to school, you want them at a good school, you want them at a school that teaches them right, a school that will not just focus on the educational aspect alone, but also prepares them mentally, emotionally, and physically for higher learning for both private and public colleges, high schools, university, and the ever-changing society out there.

So, make a choice in enrolling your child in one of these great schools listed above.

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