Top 20 Blacklisted Colleges in Canada (Updated)

Top 20 Blacklisted Colleges in Canada

Schooling in Canada is a dream for many international students because they offer one of the best education in the world, along with the luxury of living a good life in a beautiful country, and the opportunity of getting to work in the country. But just like every other country, not everything in the Canadian education system seems totally perfect as some designated learning institutions have failed to meet up to some standards required by the government body, which has seen them receiving a ban either temporarily or permanently.

How Can I know A Blacklisted College?

The best way to know if a college is blacklisted is to do thorough research on the school you are applying for by visiting the appropriate official government websites in charge of the accreditation of schools. You can also ask questions by getting information from people who happen to live there and have access to such informations.

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What Could Possibly make Colleges get Blacklisted?

Certain factors can usually get a school banned or blacklisted, and even some great and good schools are not spared. At this point, the affected schools are placed under investigation until further notice, and getting to study in some of these schools could prove difficult as the Ministry of Immigration could decline admission requests from International students trying to study there. So what could get colleges banned? Why is Matrix college blacklisted along with many others?

  • Dubious recruitment processes of international students could get a school blacklisted.
  • If the affected college is not offering the services that are listed in its permit.
  • Poor infrastructural facilities
  • Unprofessional/Unqualified staff
  • School owner having an improper relationship with the students

Consequences You Might Face When You Study In a Blacklisted College

The impact students from that particular blacklisted college may face is the issue of not being considered for any jobs in any company in Canada. There is also the issue of obtaining a residential permit, as you might be required to have studied in Canada for a number of years before being granted one, and since the blacklisted school is not recognized by the Canadian education system, getting to live permanently in the country might prove difficult. 

And just like in Canada, getting a job anywhere else in the world will also be difficult, as the certificate gotten from the school might not get any recognition. International students also face the possibility of deportation, if the government decides to shut down the school temporarily or permanently.

So in this article, you will be getting a list of colleges that has been officially blacklisted in order for you to make your college application carefully if you are trying to move to Canada and study, so you don’t run into some difficult challenges in the future during your schooling or while trying to obtain your Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWPs).

Without wasting much time, we will be diving right into a list of 20 blacklisted colleges, including colleges in Toronto, Montreal blacklisted colleges and others.

  1. Canada College inc.
  2. CDE College
  3. M College of Canada
  4. Matrix College of Management, Technology, and Healthcare
  5. Herzing College (Institute)
  6. Montréal College of Information Technology
  7. Institut supérieur d’informatique (ISI)
  8. Universel College— Gatineau Campus
  9. Montréal Campus of Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles
  10. Collège CDI
  11. CLLC Canadian Language Learning College Inc.
  12. Everest Colleges of Canada Inc.
  13. Toronto College of Technology Inc.
  14. Falaknaz Babar known as Grand International Professional School
  15. TAIE College of Arts, Science and Commerce Inc.

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  1. Guyana Training School for International Skills Inc. operating as Academy for Allied Dental and Health Care Studies
  2. International Language Academy of Canada Inc
  3. Huron Flight College
  4. Education Canada College
  5. Upper Madison College


So, among the challenges faced by international students moving to Canada, which includes the cost of living in Canada, tuition fee, culture, the issue of getting your CIC Canada (now known as IRCC) approved in time, and others, there is also the challenge of trying not to fall victim of applying to study in a blacklisted school which could prove detrimental in the future while you are schooling or after your college education, while trying to settle down and get a job in Canada. It is advisable to always ask questions or make an inquiry before applying for any college in Canada anywhere else in the world.

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