COVID-19: Top Activities International Students Should be Involved in While at Home

COVID-19: Top Activities International Students Should be Involved in While at Home

The 2019 novel coronavirus has spread to more than 160 countries prompting WHO to declare the disease as a global pandemic. Staying at home will curb the coronavirus outbreak, but what if you are healthy and strong? 

Below are top activities international students can be involved in while at home; 

1) Take time to reflect

At the beginning of the year, most students had set goals. Unfortunately, most students did not envisage the COVID-19 pandemic. This has affected their set goals for the year. This period of the pandemic will be a good time to reflect and adjust their goals where necessary. 

2) Learn the culture of the host country

Being a student is a challenge, being an international student is a bigger one. The first challenge every international student faces is the cultural shock they go through as they adjust to life in a new country. During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, students should learn about the culture – Language, cuisine, social habits, music and arts – of their host countries. 

3) Take online language classes

Most international students are not fluent in the language of their host countries hence they loose confidence. Students should take language classes and share their viewpoint to help them become more confident and improve their communication (oral) skills. 

4) Practice Academic writing

A lot of international students find it difficult to write perfect assignments based on the University’s standard. Students should utilize this period of COVID-19 pandemic to do a lot of practice. Students can also seek help from a research writing service to help them understand the structuring of an assignment. 


5) Work on your financial planning

Keeping up with your finances (earnings or savings) is a major thing to focus on. During this COVID-19 pandemic most students will turn to their parents for financial issues. Students can learn how the coronavirus will affect financial aid and how financial aid can be adjusted if parents loose their jobs. International students should also learn about options that may be available to them such as emergency funding. 

6) Take online classes

Students can use this period of pandemic to learn new skills – digital skills like content creation, copywriting, graphic designs – online and get certifications. 


7) Keep in touch with family

International students not only have to worry about their own well-being but they also have huge concern for the safety and health of their families in their home countries. Students should regularly communicate with loved ones using FaceTime. They can also have an online get-together. 

8) Exercise regularly, eat well and rest

Doubtless, the coronavirus has caused terrific level of stress for everyone. Scientists say that fitness is important for mental health. Students should make the most of their living room for workout routines to keep fit. Workouts such as push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks will do. Exercise is often a social activity too. Students can workout with friends on FaceTime.

 9) Follow health and safety guidelines

Students should educate themselves on the coronavirus officially named COVID-19 by WHO and follow guidance from medical practitioners or agencies for disease control in their various countries of study.

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